The Q Cucks Klan wants a Civil War

The Q Cucks Klan wants a Civil War

The perennial instigators in New Braunfels, Texas, are at it again.

We’ve shared before how this group sprang up in 2020 and immediately began harassing the community. Their behavior got international attention this fall when they stalked the Biden-Harris bus as it passed through Comal County. The Guardian spoke with us about this and we were quoted as saying:

“A spokeswoman for Living Blue in Comal county, a local progressive group, told the Guardian the incident was a reflection of larger problems in the area, where “racist” locals “just kind of run this town, like the Klan did”.

The spokeswoman, who asked to remain anonymous because she feared being targeted, added: “They’ve dragged the BLM flag. They’ve called people the N-word from their truck. So it’s straight up harassment and intimidation. And then, to see President Trump validate them by retweeting their video and saying he loves Texas, he’s basically endorsing domestic terrorism.”

It came as no surprise that this group was in Washington, DC, on January 6th and participated in the insurrection at the Capitol.

It was no surprise either when Steve Ceh, one of the group’s founders, posted a video claiming that all of the violence was a result of antifa bussing people in. He also gave a rather interesting interview to the local newspaper claiming to be “non-partisan” and disappointed with the violence.

His and his family’s social media posts in the last week tell a different story. They are itching for violence. Let’s start with his wife, Randi:

In a discussion in the closed NB Trump Train Facebook group she runs she told a member that “a revolution needs to happen”, presumably to get the “communists” out. Delusional and violent.

Her son, Tyler Ceh, was much more overt with his threats. He took to Parler immediately after the insurrection to remind everyone that all lives matter, except for the ones he listed that includes “etc.” I don’t think he understands what “all” means. Then he stated that he and his group were ready for a blood war. 

Another post was even more violent, stating we will have a “bloody war” if Biden is sworn in.

He also states that “all four should be hung”, but does not state who he is referring to. 

Steve Ceh’s post is relatively tame compared to his sons’ posts. He is oddly obsessed with Mel Gibson (shocking, I know) and war imagery, like this meme he shared on Parler after the riots.

His brother Cody opted to post a message for our Facebook page. Notice that he does not condemn his brother’s threats or deny them. Instead he states that if we “keep poking” we’ll see what happens. Well, Cody, consider yourself poked. Now you have to show us yours!

While not a member of the Ceh klan, Jason Frank is another founder of the group and came to Texas from Nevada just as the others did. He posted multiple live videos of himself in the crowds, as well as one choking on tear gas next to the Capitol wall and another where he brags about the three “Capitol flags” they stole. He plans to “go out in a blaze” when the time is right.

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