Houston, We Have A Problem And It’s Coming From Brian Babin’s District

Houston, We Have A Problem And It’s Coming From Brian Babin’s District

Y’all. Do you know who your neighbors really are?

What the heck is going on down there and when is someone planning on staging an intervention? In case you missed it, yesterday Living Blue in Texas published how Brian Babin was using his social media platform to spread lies and hatred. That, in itself, is a problem. His Facebook posts are just pure ugly and full of misinformation. He frequently goes on OAN and Newsmax to give interviews about how evil Democrats are. Even more so, his lies and hatred are being amplified and repeated.

Today, Brian Babin made a post regarding Holocaust Remembrance day. This post was a completely normal post for a politician or person in the spotlight to post. It’s no big deal. That isn’t the problem.

The problem is how his audience responded.

You can find Brian Babin’s full post HERE.

How much have you been paying attention to what the right is saying and doing online?

Living Blue in Texas has been documenting the violence committed by the far-right in North Texas all through last year.

So many weren’t aware of the radicalization that was happening in their own backyards until it was already too late. Then January 6th happened.

When Trump was banned from Twitter, misinformation dropped on the internet by 73%.

Where was the other 27% coming from?

Brian Babin?

Not completely, but he definitely contributes to it.

Brian Babin’s amplification of hate and misinformation is irresponsible.

Journalists who have an audience are held to higher standards and have a responsibility to fact-check before putting information out in the world. Elected officials should be held to the same standards.

Yet, Babin, along with most elected Republicans has a history of spreading misinformation.

Babin has nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook and 20,000 followers on Twitter.

So, every single time he puts a lie on social media, he’s sending that lie out to 70,000 people. Every time he spews hateful rhetoric, he’s telling 70,000 people, it’s ok to be hateful. The comments under are Holocaust post is just one example. Babin posts lies and hate-fueled rhetoric on social media multiple times a day.

The ideology of these people is the same ideology of the violent insurrectionists who tried to overthrow the government on January 6th.

What can be done about the people in TX-36, who have fallen for these lies and in the hate-trap?

Both media and elected officials have to start telling them the truth. Both media and elected officials have to stop hateful rhetoric that paints their neighbors out to be their enemy.

We’ve written about Brian Babin several times since January 6th. This is because of all of the Republicans who engaged in a seditious activity, Babin is one of the few who haven’t toned it down.

He hasn’t apologized or tried to correct his behavior. He is responsible and must be held accountable.

Getting Brian Babin to stop telling lies and start telling the truth will help his district heal from the last four years of division and allow them to move forward.

That’s just the first step.

It’s going to take everyone in Brian Babin’s district to help with this issue and see that Babin is held accountable.

We need help from the local Democrat parties.

TX-36 encompasses several counties, which include a small part of Harris County, Chambers, Hardin, Jasper, Liberty, Newton, Orange, Polk, and Tyler Counties.

When Brian Babin is spewing hate and misinformation on the internet, local Democrat parties should either put out a statement regarding it or debunking what he said on their social media or websites.

If you’re in one of those County Parties, and y’all aren’t doing that, it’s time to talk. This is just one way that Texans can hold this man accountable.

It’s time to reach out to Brian Babin’s donors and make them aware of the misinformation and political division he pushes online. They are spending their political dollars on an elected official who is contributing to the domestic terrorism narrative, the Q narrative, and the deep political division in this country.

Don’t worry about tracking them down. I’ve done it for you.

  • The American Dental Association (512)443-3675
  • Trans-Global Solutions (409)727-4801
  • Kirby Corporation (713)435-1000
  • Mustang Tractor and Machinery (713)460-2000
  • Community Bank of Texas (866)552-6668
  • Raytheon Technologies (781)522-3000
  • Gainsco (866)424-6726
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (312)337-2169
  • American Assn/Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (847)678-6200
  • Ball Corp (936)760-2255
  • Valero Energy (210)345-2000
  • Northrop Grumman (703)280-2900
  • Honeywell International (877)841-2840
  • Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn (816)229-5791
  • Texas Farm Bureau (800)772-6535
  • Union Pacific Corp (402)544-5000
  • American Chemistry Council (202)249-7000

That’s not all.

There are multiple organizations that have endorsed Brian Babin. Some of them subscribe to the same far-right conspiracy-driven propaganda that Babin does, (like the NRA). However, some are just conservative organizations who might be willing to pull their endorsements or not endorse him in any future races.

  • Americans For Prosperity (703)224-3200
  • Texas Home School Coalition (806)744-4441
  • Houston Association of Realtors (713)629-1900
  • Texas Farm Bureau Ag Fund (254)772-3030

How else can Brian Babin be held accountable?

Every time he spreads lies and uses hate speech on Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to report his posts so they can be flagged for misinformation or taken down.

I once got put in Facebook jail for 24-hours for calling someone “white trash.” Yet, Babin has been freely spreading misinformation and hate. His posts should be reported each and every time.

We need to continue to demand Brian Babin’s resignation for his role in the violent insurrection on January 6th and the events leading up to it.

Even if he continues to refuse to resign, we need to let him know that is what his constituents want.

TX-36 Brian Babin

Support Cori Bush’s resolution – H. Res. 25.

H. Res. 25 says: Directing the Committee on Ethics to investigate and issue a report on, whether any and all actions were taken by Members of the 117th Congress who sought to overturn the 2020 Presidential election violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution or the Rules of the House of Representatives and should face sanction, including removal from the House of Representatives.

Although if you live in TX-36, you won’t be able to call your representative, (Brian Babin), and tell him to support the expulsion of Brian Babin, you can help spread the word and bring awareness to this bill, which will garnish support from other districts.

Brian Babin’s constant stream of hatred and lies was a contributing factor to the January 6th violent insurrection. His hatred and lies contribute to your family members and neighbors wishing death on you for believing in access to healthcare.

And his hatred and lies contribute to the radicalization of Republicans in the 36th Congressional District of Texas.

If Babin does not resign and is not expelled from congress, he must be voted out.

TX-36 is severely gerrymandered. Unfortunately, that probably won’t change before 2022. Babin has been winning that district with around 75% of the vote.

Democrats should be doing everything they can to recruit a bigger voting base or convert independents and centrist-Republicans. That being said, TX-36 Democrats also need to realize that until the extreme partisan gerrymandering ends, it will likely continue to be red.

That means that Democrats should support Babin being primaried by a more moderate Republican. That doesn’t mean throw away your vote or money, but there are other ways on supporting this effort.

Most of it is about spreading awareness. Talking to your Republican family and friends about Babin and his behavior and encouraging them to vote for a primary challenger.

In North Texas, in SD30, Democrats played a big role in electing a more moderate Republican and blocking an extremist from getting that office.

That was a special election and that circumstance won’t happen in TX-36, but Democrats need to stop behaving as if they are completely powerless.

Is Living Blue in Texas advocating canceling Brian Babin?

No. We’re advocating accountability.

Brian Babin needs to be held accountable for spreading misinformation, radicalizing his constituents, spreading hate, and sedition.

If we don’t stand up and do something about Babin and his irresponsible behavior and rhetoric, we could be faced with another domestic terrorist incident. And next time, it could be a lot closer to home.


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