New Braunfels Trump Train Racist Re-emerges

New Braunfels Trump Train Racist Re-emerges

A racist incident with the potential to become deadly emerged from the New Braunfels Trump Train private Facebook group last fall.

In September 2020 Casey Bonelli Kennedy posted photos of four Black men with the caption: “Faces everyone needs to keep their eyes open for at the next Trump Train. Trust me it might be best to be strapped. But we can’t let guys like this stop any of us. All of these guys live within our area. Keep your eyes open and watch each other’s six out there”

Outrage ensued in the community. Our page was able to quickly identify the four men pictured and alert them to the threat. All four of the men were stunned by the post and stated they had never threatened or been near a New Braunfels Trump Train. They did not know the individual making the threat and had no idea why they were chosen. They were targeted for being Black men in a Klan town.

The Ceh family, lead organizers for the New Braunfels Trump Train, immediately declared that Casey Bonelli Kennedy was a “liberal plant” and not an actual member of the Trump Train. A few short weeks later, however, Cody Ceh agreed with a comment on his page made by John Anderson, who was defending Kennedy. Anderson said Kennedy was right and not a racist, and Ceh agreed, as you can see in the screenshot.

We decided to take a look at John Anderson’s profile. It shows that he is friends with multiple members of the Ceh family.

He also was photographed with US Representative Chip Roy at a New Braunfels Trump Train rally on October 30th, 2020. “John Anderson” is wearing the insurrectionist III%er logo on his jacket and Chip just loves it. He supports the Trump Train, he declared at that event.

I noticed that John Anderson looked EXACTLY like Casey Bonelli Kennedy, who also rode motorcycles and whose profile disappeared when the negative publicity started. A quick click on the “about” section confirmed my hunch. John Anderson is the racist Casey Kennedy.

Just like his previous profile, he’s sitting on his bike making a hand gesture that is either white power or IIIper. Whichever it is, it translates to “I’m a douchebag”. New Braunfels Police had indicated to one of the victim’s attorneys that they could not locate this man. Well, he’s been going to New Braunfels Trump Train rallies and taking pics with US Congressional Representatives right under their noses. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for NBPD to charge this guy, because this is a klan town


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