TX13 Ronny Jackson Incited Sedition Now Calling For Unity

TX13 Ronny Jackson Incited Sedition Now Calling For Unity

Ronny Jackson has spent MONTHS on social media and TV, daily, promoting lies and hate. Now has the audacity to call for unity.

Republicans for months have been spreading lies and baseless conspiracy theories about the election, Democrats, and reality. The newly elected congressman from TX-13 was no exception. In fact, he has been of the worst of them.

Living Blue specifically wrote about Ronny Jackson and his awful behavior on November 20 and December 11. Ronny Jackson was one of the 17 Republican congress members who sought to overturn the election. Even since January 6, Jackson has STILL made appearances on Newsmax, spreading baseless lies about Democrats being communists.

Ronny Jackson’s rhetoric caused violence. He is complicit in the violence we saw in D.C. His hands have blood on them. Here is his tweet today.

January 12, 2020, at 1:00 pm, Ronny Jackson said it was time for uniting America, not attacking half the country.

But, what has he tweeted since the election, (November 3)?

On November 4, Ronny Jackson tweeted about and retweeted Trump’s lie about how votes in Georgia were “magically found.”

This was a lie that originated from the Gateway Pundit, also debunked on November 4 by USA Today and then a few weeks later by Politifact.

Of course, Ronny Jackson never corrected that lie or admitted it was a lie.

On November 5, Trump tweeted, “Pennsylvania, which everyone thought was easily won on Election Night, only to see a massive lead disappear, without anyone being allowed to OBSERVE, for long intervals of time.”

Of course Jackson retweeted with outrage.

From the AP, “These assertions are false. Trump is wholly misrepresenting a court case in the state and what happened at voting places. No one tried to ban poll watchers representing each side in the election. Democrats did not try to stop Republican representatives from being able to observe the process.”

Then on November 5, he starts using the words, “stand up” and “fight back.” He Tweeted an article which said Trump and Fox News alleged voter fraud in Nevada.

However, these lies were also quickly debunked.

Ronny Jackson retweeted Eric Trump.

Still, on November 5, Eric Trump retweeted Jackson, then Jackson retweeted Trump’s tweet. Notice the language. “Fight against this fraud.”

November 6, Jackson tweets he proudly stands behind Trump and his fight. Again, using the word, “fight.”

On November 6, he tweeted this article from the far-right Washington Examiner. The “fraud” according to their article was that Biden got votes in deep-red areas. Guess what? Also, a lie, which was debunked.

On November 7, Jackson tweeted about the “Russian hoax,” even though we all know that it wasn’t a hoax, but painted that way nefariously by Bill Barr. He said that the media was telling people to ignore voter fraud. Which is literally something that NEVER happened. And again, “We must win this fight.”

Later on November 7, he said the “liberal press” does not get to pick the president. (I guess he was also talking about Fox, who also called the election for Biden.)

That’s just a little crumb of why the Republican base has turned on Fox.

This must have been the first time in Ronny Jackson’s life he ever watched the election results on TV because the media has been calling races for elections for 173 years.

Media calls elections, doesn’t certify them.

November 8, Jackson “demanded transparency and accountability from the left and Biden team.”

Which goes back to how he just doesn’t understand how elections work.


November 8th also marked the day Ronny Jackson started a fundraising campaign calling Joe Biden a communist and telling his followers that it was a socialist steal. He said, “Biden is beholden to the Communist Chinese, and now trying to STEAL the White House.”

It’s not even worth addressing, but if you think Biden is a communist, you’re stupid.

November 9, using “FIGHTS” again, then claiming Biden took money from Communist China. He calls Biden’s party, meaning the Democrats, a corrupt party trying to steal the White House.

Notice how these pictures to his fundraiser show Joe Biden next to a communist flag. This is McCarthyism. This is the Red Scare 3.0. It’s also a lie.

If you don’t understand the difference between communism and capitalism, centrist Joe Biden, seriously….avoid voting in the future. Or at least until you read a book or two.

More lies on November 9.

Jackson tweeted this article from the Federalist and said that AOC and the rest of the Democrats were starting a list of Trump supporters.

Here is what AOC actually said.

How fortuitous, AOC. In fact, that’s what I am doing right now. It doesn’t look like he’s deleted anything, yet, but we have screenshots in case he does.

He constantly used words like, “defend, “integrity,” “FIGHTS,” and “steal.”

Notice all of his tweets are retweeted hundreds or thousands of times.

Ronny Jackson directly incited sedition, he directly incited violence, and he directly encouraged and spread lies.

Ronny Jackson’s lies weren’t limited to Twitter.

On November 11, he went on Newsmax and spoke of massive fraud and how Trump will be the next president.

Again, and again, he tweeted Joe Biden with a communist flag, calling the election a fraud and a socialist steal.

Ronny Jackson, daily spewed lies, hatred toward Democrats, more lies, fake news, and used trigger words repeatedly, like “fight” and “steal.”

Ronny Jackson called Democrats, communists, socialists, radical left, and corrupt left. Do you want to know why our country is divided? It’s the language like this used by far-right media and elected officials.

Every single lie Jackson tweeted out has been debunked. Like this one from Georgia. Never once did he go on TV or take to social media to say, “OK, I was wrong. That wasn’t true. And no fraud was found.”

He just tweeted lie after lie, after lie. He even tweeted the most common fake news site, Breitbart.

And who could forget that batshit crazy press conference by Sidney Powell?

Fun fact, Sidney Powell is now being sued for $1.3 billion based on her lies.

When your Uncle Bob tells you over Thanksgiving dinner that he wants all Democrats to die, know that is because he follows people like Ronny Jackson on Twitter who spew constant hatred and lies about Democrats.

Ronny Jackson’s rhetoric caused violence. He is complicit in the violence we saw in D.C. His hands have blood on them.

After months of this, now he calls for unity. Fuck you, Ronny. You did this.

This man has no place in elected office and must resign immediately. If he doesn’t resign, then congress must expel him.

TX-13 Ronny Jackson

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