Greg Abbott Feigns Outrage Over National Guard Vetting

Greg Abbott Feigns Outrage Over National Guard Vetting

Not only is his outrage misplaced, but it also raises a lot of suspicion about where his allegiance truly lies.

In 2015, the United States military chose Texas as a place to do a military exercise. The exercise was called Jade Helm. During 2015, Conservative outrage at the Black president was at level 500. They were convinced that Obama was going to enact Martial Law, completely take over Texas, confiscate all of our guns, put Texas citizens in FEMA death domes, which were made from abandoned Walmarts, and force us all to become Muslim. Some especially hilarious conservative conspiracies at the time included:

  • Texas Blue Bell Ice cream Trucks would smuggle bodies. Serving as a mobile morgue, these trucks were intended to transport dead Texans in convoys up the highway to Colorado.
  • After Obama took all our guns, Russia would come and arm all the rebels. You know, so they could take on Obama’s tyrannical government.

During that time Greg Abbott, called in the Texas National Guard to monitor the US military. Of course, later he just blamed Russia. Luckily, we all survived.

Domestic terrorism in America.

We all watched on January 6th, as domestic terrorists tried to violently overthrow the American government. Greg Abbott watched it, too. Yet, since then he’s has been silent. Unlike the rest of the Republican party, Abbott hasn’t put out any statements or press releases regarding the violence in D.C. perpetrated by right-wing extremists.

Until last night. He tweeted a Washington Post article that said the Pentagon will be vetting the National Guard for extremist ties. Abbott said it was the most offensive thing he’s ever heard.

He said that 12 days after a domestic terrorist attack which included, at least 28 police officers, an Army reservist, and an Air Force veteran from North Texas.

The FBI has put out a warning which said that these domestic terrorists were trying to infiltrate the National Guard.

Given the number of Texans who participated in the terrorist attack on the Capitol and our democracy, it is good to know they are checking into those who will be guarding D.C. now.

Why would Abbott feign outrage?

A few days ago I heard on the TV that Ted Cruz’s goose was cooked in Texas. They were discussing how he should admit to the “big lie,” but he wouldn’t because his aspirations were for a presidential run in 2024.

It has long been discussed that Abbott was trying to position himself for a presidential run in 2024. Is he thinking that by posturing himself as a warrior for the far-right, that he will be able to scoop up Trump’s base in a presidential run? Perhaps.

The importance of making sure none of them are radicalized is unmeasurable. As we have covered all through 2020, domestic terrorism has been thriving in Texas without any push back from our Republican leaders.

There is only one true thing that Greg Abbott cares about.

Money. We all know that. Abbott has made no secret of it. Perhaps he’s outraged because one of his billionaire donors told him to be outraged.

What is he not outraged about?

He’s not outraged that over 2.1 million Texans have had coronavirus, which led to almost 33,000 deaths.

He isn’t outraged that a large amount of the violent insurrectionists came from Texas, or how many were police officers or military vets.

Abbott didn’t tweet about outrage yesterday when the report on the 1776 commission was released. Despite it being a second attempt at Lost Cause mythology.

Abbott still hasn’t expressed outrage at the cancer clusters in Houston caused by the oil and gas industry.

Loyalty without question is a hallmark demand of dictators.

Tomorrow, America will finally rid itself of a fascist dictator who corrupted and tarnished the government so severely, it will likely take us years to recover from.

Greg Abbott has another thing coming if he thinks he will just slide into Trump’s shoes and get a good shot at a presidential run. America learned its lesson, (most of us, anyway). Never again will a Trump-like figure be elected. If that’s the route Abbott is choosing, he will lose.

In 2020 Texas had 5.2 million Democratic voters. Abbott is up for reelection again in 2022. It’s time to vote him out of office once and for all.

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