Denton County Dems Reflect on Assault on Capitol

Denton County Dems Reflect on Assault on Capitol

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — The Denton County Democratic Party (DCDP) condemns the assault on our nation’s Capitol Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2020, that was orchestrated by domestic terrorists and encouraged by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The actions committed by these individuals resulted in the loss of five lives and the desecration of the building where American democracy is meant to grow and thrive.

DCDP Chair Dr. Angie Cadena said, “The assault on the Capitol is a reminder that white supremacy is deeply rooted in our country. It is not enough to vote if we do not hold our elected leaders accountable. Congressman Burgess and Congresswoman Van Duyne voted to overturn our election results and usurp the voice of the people. We stand against this action to the highest degree. Democracy depends on the voice of the people being the loudest, not the voice of politicians with Twitter accounts. The American people have spoken — Joe Biden will be our next president. A Biden/Harris administration is coming on January 20.”

The Denton County Democratic Party is also keeping a close eye on the upcoming 87th State Legislature to protect the right to free and fair elections. House Bill No. 1026 authored by District 23 Rep. Mayes Middleton (R-Wallisville) would eliminate volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars (VDRs). Having VDRs is one of the easiest ways to ensure people have access to their right to vote and pose no risk to election security.

“We are concerned to see bills like HB 1026 come out of the gate as soon as the 87th legislative session opened. The right to vote is something the DCDP is committed to protecting,” said Dr. Cadena.

The Denton County Democratic Party has the goal of promoting Democratic ideals and values within our communities through grassroots organization and education.

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