Living Blue in Comal County is Back

Living Blue in Comal County is Back

Y’all Qaeda is mad. The founder of the New Braunfels Trump Train, the group that has been terrorizing the quaint central Texas town for the last year, lost his job after he returned home from the DC insurrection. 

He’s blaming the “terrorist organization” Living Blue in Comal County, for his losses. Yes, he actually said that in a city council meeting. Listen for yourself:

He and his 12 followers have been directing their rage at our group and falsely reporting our posts. Sadly, Facebook bots are not savvy enough to identify false reports and instead are triggered by volume. Ironically, posts we made using the New Braunfels Trump Trains own words and photos were taken down for inciting terrorism, but the actual group inciting the terrorism still exists. Go figure.

Facebook unpublished our page as a result. We are working to appeal the decision,  it in the meantime you can follow us on:

In other WTF Facebook news, the two pages that were created to harass and doxx our followers are still up on Facebook. You can view and report those pages here and here. They are both run by the Ceh family.

Speaking of the Ceh family….they need your prayers now that GoFundMe took down their fundraiser. Feel free to get creative and leave your thoughts with them here:

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