Weatherford Police Protect Admitted Racist As She Assaults Black Woman

Weatherford Police Protect Admitted Racist As She Assaults Black Woman

Then, they refused to arrest the woman or take a report.

This is a situation that we have all witnessed again and again this year. We’ve witnessed it in Denton, Gainesville, Dallas, and all around the nation. White supremacists physically attacking and assaulting Black protesters, while police stand by. And just as in the many other cases we have witnessed Weatherford Police witnessed it happen, then refused to arrest the perpetrator.

Today was the highly publicized protest in Weatherford, TX regarding the Confederate statue. It was all caught on video, there were no less than five streamers out there. The things that were caught on tape will probably make you vomit. Unlike the July incident when hundreds of white supremacists stormed on Weatherford square to harass, intimidate, and assault Black people peacefully protesting; this time it was only a few dedicated racists. We’ll have the full write up and all of the clips published later, but we wanted to get this out there now because it was egregious.

This video was caught by Special Olympic Gold Medalist, Ashton Smith.

Ashton is an amazing person, please make sure to follow her on Twitter.

By the time this video was taken, protesters and counter-protesters had been clashing for nearly two hours.

A young woman was speaking on a megaphone when an older white woman approached her with her cell phone, close to her face.

The young lady said, “Do not put your phone in my face unless you have at least 10,000 followers. You are not popular on Twitter. How many people are following you? Two?”

After which, a bystander looked over the woman’s shoulder and confirmed, “Exactly two.”

Local anti-racist activist, Jessica Luther Rummel was also out there.

She was recording on Tik Tok at that moment and will be sending me the screencasts later of that moment. If you are familiar with Jessica’s work, you know she goes out of her way to make racists uncomfortable.

Jessica said to her, “If you’re so proud, tell us your name Ka-Ka-Ka-Karen. Is that Karen with a triple-K?”

Then, the woman responded, “Yes, ma’am.”

Then Jessica said, “That’s why you push them. The more you push them, the more proud and bold they get with their racism. Because the truth is, you know you’re a racist.”

As Jessica was saying that, the woman was nodding her head the entire time in agreement. While Ashton’s video didn’t capture the head-nodding, Jessica’s video caught it. It will be added to the follow-up video later on, (after she sends me the screencasts).

Apparently, the woman had a previous conversation with Ashton, which is why Ashton asked her, “but you don’t hate me?”

That’s the thing about these racists…all of them

They will hate Black people or be prejudice, but when they are called out on it, they always say, “I’m not racist, I have a Black friend, nephew, kid.” And they fail to realize that if they happen to see the good in ONE person, like ONE person, or even love ONE person, but still have bigotry towards an entire race of people, they are still racist….even if they have a Black friend, nephew, or kid.

And that’s exactly what happened here. The white woman turned to Ashton and said, “I don’t hate you at all,” then turned her head back to the young lady to explain to her why she hated Black people.

These people may never learn.

The reason she told this crowd of people, multiple of whom were live streaming, that she didn’t like Black people was that her daughter is about to graduate and wouldn’t be able to get a scholarship, because all of the scholarships went to African-Americans.

Proving, once again, that racism and low intellect coincide.

Even with affirmative action, 76% of all scholarships still go to white students. This is a well-known fact. Well, not known to this hateful white woman, but well known to the rest of us who have paid attention over the last few decades. If that woman would have done any research or read any of the SCOTUS cases about affirmative action, she would have learned that what she said simply wasn’t true.

She never did, which is why today she stood on the square in Weatherford, TX defending a racist statue and telling a group of Black people that the reason she was racist was that her daughter couldn’t get a scholarship.

Perhaps the reason her daughter can’t get a scholarship is because of her academics or since recent studies have shown that children’s intelligence is inherited from their mother, perhaps her daughter inherited her mother’s low intelligence.

After the woman spoke about the made-up reason she dislikes Black people…

The crowd mocked her. I checked the live streams that were going at the time, there were roughly 2,000 people in all watching this incident. They were also mocking her on every feed.

The racist woman responded, “Thank you women for being so grown up, you just proved my point.” 🙄

What was her point? No one knows. She hates Black people because her daughter is stupid? Somehow mocking her proved that…

That’s when the young lady said, “Your daughter can’t find her way into college? Because that’s all I hear.”

At that point, not only had this older white woman displayed racism, but she also showed everyone that she had low emotional intelligence and she lunged at the young Black woman, who was at least 30 years younger than her.

The racist woman swatted at the young lady’s face, knocking the megaphone down.

It was an assault, it was witnessed by the several dozen people in the square, a handful of Weatherford police officers, and about 2,000 people online.

The young lady then swung her megaphone, in defense, popping the aggressive lady on the head.

Weatherford police ran in relatively quickly and pulled the woman out of the crowd. They escorted her away. They did not arrest her, they did not take a report, and they didn’t ask anyone for statements. Organizers pleaded with them to arrest her and Weatherford police did not, nor did they take a report. (You can hear the pleas with Weatherford police in this second video.)

They allowed the woman to leave.

Who’s side is Weatherford police on? Is it not their job to enforce the law for all people? Or do assaults against Black people not count? Check back tomorrow, we should have the rest of the videos and complete breakdown of the protest up and published by then.

Until then, if you are as appalled as we are that Weatherford police did not arrest this woman or take a report, you can reach them and let them know how you feel at 817-594-8845.

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