We Hurt Allen West’s Feelings, Now He’s Taking It Out On Drew Springer.

We Hurt Allen West’s Feelings, Now He’s Taking It Out On Drew Springer.

The best thing about being a liberal in Texas today, is there are so many sources of entertainment.

Pull up your chairs and refill your popcorn, because this is getting good. 😂😂 As you likely have heard by now, criminal salon Barbie, Shelly Luther, lost her election to Drew Springer in Senate District 30. Allen West was supporting Shelley Luther. But he isn’t mad that Luther lost, he’s mad that she lost because Democrats voted against her.

If you missed our post a few weeks back, after local activists, Shenita Cleveland, caught Shelly Luther supporters on video making racial slurs, Living Blue in Texas wrote about the incident and encouraged the Democrats in SD30 to make sure this woman didn’t win.

Hahaha! High-five, y’all!

We can’t take the credit for it, though. There are several activists and politically engaged Democrats that also pushed to block Shelley Luther from getting elected.

As far as Shelley Luther goes, from Living Blue in Texas’ standpoint, that wasn’t the first time we caught her or wrote about her galivanting around with racists.

There was the Back the Blue rally she was at in August, where she was spotted with a Boogaloo Boy. Although, I later had an exchange with her online, where she adamantly denied this charge, (despite the video).

Shelley Luther kept company with the worst of the Republican party and after four years of Trump, SD30 Dems are over it.

SD30 Dems didn’t vote FOR Springer, they voted AGAINST Luther.

Luther’s association with and campaigning to the Q-crowd was just the icing on top of the cake of our dislike of her. The publicity stunt Luther pulled, which fooled Abbott, Paxton, and Patrick was deplorable and sickened most of us. While Luther’s smack-down from a Dallas judge was our highlight of May, the assholes in charge cut that short by pardoning her after 3 days in jail.

Dems didn’t like Luther. And that meant voting against her in a runoff where the only candidate also happened to be a Republican. All over SD30 people are taking extra showers to wash off that dirty feeling of casting a vote for an (R) and support groups have been popping up to help those brave souls who saved SD30 from Satan by voting for a baby demon.

But, we’re Texas Democrats and Texas Democrats are hardcore. We’ll make it through.

So, what made Allen West cry?

Shenita Cleveland tagged us in this post, thanking us for our article while taking a picture with Drew Springer. This is the picture that the Texas GOP and Allen West screenshotted to say that they shouldn’t congratulate Drew Springer for his wins because Democrats beat him to it.

Well, it wasn’t too long before responses to both of those posts included screenshots of our post from Facebook, which reported how 13% of early voters in SD30 were Dem primary voters.

Oh, it gets better.

Yes, we posted that on Facebook.

This is the information we learned from a Republican political consultant.

So, now Allen West is all butt-hurt that Dems showed up in SD30 and helped swing that race towards Drew Springer.

It’s possible that West still harbors ill-will towards up for publishing that his election to state chair was illegitimate.

Not like that mattered to anyone, though. Republicans cheat. They even cheat in their own executive committee elections.

What Allen West and the Texas Republicans that follow him fail to realize is that elected officials, whether they are a Democrat or Republican are SUPPOSED TO work for the people in the districts they represent, no matter how they voted. In the age of Trump, that’s changed, though. Us VS them. Right? That’s been the Republican way for years now.

Now, everyone is saying that Drew Springer is a RINO and accusing him of working with Democrats and Black Lives Matter.

If you live in North Texas, you know how stupid this is. I can’t say it’s the most stupid idea Texas GOP came up with, but it’s up there.

Drew Springer doesn’t represent any of the values of Texas Democrats. We don’t like him, either. But Shelley Luther was a criminal and the publicity stunt she pulled earlier this year pissed ALL OF US OFF. On top of that, she surrounded herself with racists, conspiracy theorists, and Q-idiots.

Springer was the lesser of two evils, that’s it. And SD30 residents had a chance to choose their elected representative, even though some of them happen to be Democrats.

Something that the Floridian war criminal, Allen West, will never understand about Texans.

We are Texans first. Even though we disagree on political ideology and in some cases, moral values, we are still Texans first. And true Republican Texans will accept that Dems came out and voted for this candidate, even though we don’t like him. In fact, Texas Republicans are now calling Allen West embarrassing over this move.

Speaking of which, today I discovered Briscoe Cain has blocked me on Twitter, which he just won an  Anti Award© for.

And one to Drew Springer, because he isn’t our friend.

No, I don’t know why. Possibly it could be because we published an article calling his behavior around Trump seditious. Or maybe I said something to him he didn’t like, I don’t remember. Never the less, snowflake Representative Cain, we won’t forget it.

We’re faced with a hard choice and we need your advice.

It would just so happen that we have dirt on Drew Springer. We were planning on dropping it this week. 😁 (Honestly, a lot of people know already, but it hasn’t been widely publicized.)

If we tell everyone what we know about Drew Springer, then the far-right will see we really don’t support him, they’ll stop calling him a Rino, and they’ll be his friend again.

On the other hand, if we continue playing it off like we’re his friend, the rest of the Texas GOP will stay mad at him, and he’ll be the last one to be picked in legislative kickball.

What do you think we should do? Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and let us know.

It gets better.

Y’all, Konni Burton has been stalking us on Facebook for like 5 years. This week’s drama gave her the perfect opportunity to talk about us.

Since Konni Burton is still stalking our Facebook, she may now be stalking my blog. If I could say one thing in the world to Konni Burton it would be, “Bitch, did you think I’d forget?”

The thing is, in 2014, I lived in Tarrant County. If you remember any events in Tarrant County in 2014, there was a group called Open Carry Tarrant County, which was a different group than Open Carry Texas. Both groups were full of wackos, but the wacko group in Tarrant County literally was terrorizing Tarrant County residents, including friends of mine at Moms Demand Action. Open Carry Tarrant County stalked them, with AR15, publicly confronting them, harassing them, threatening them, and doxxing them.

Open Carry Tarrant County proved that they were the domestic terrorists, then Texas legislators, including Konni Burton, voted for open carry…even knowing how unhinged these people were. We’re talking Trump people six and seven years before Trump people was a thing.

We used to HATE Konni Burton and spent plenty of years talking smack about her.

This is way back when all Living Blue in Texas was, was a Facebook page.

(I don’t know why the pics aren’t showing up, ask Facebook) You can see all of our past Facebook posts on Konni Burton by using the search function on our page. She was a legislator who supported terrorist groups and passed bills that directly made Texans less safe. After she left office she started a far-right blog, called the Texas News or some crap like that.

As it turns out, all of our shit-talking about Konni Burton back then earned us a fan, because she was there this week to take screenshots of our posts. Now she thinks she’s telling everyone about these liberals in Texas who helped block Shelley Luther from office. Out of anyone in Texas, Konni Burton knows Living Blue in Texas (the Facebook page) was around long before her first election. She knows this because I let her know it when she was my Rep and making bad decisions for her constituents. She was a horrible representative and she’s a worse detective.

Bitch, did you think I’d forget?

Do you still have popcorn?

You’re going to need it. We just released part three of Staying in Your Lane, we’re going to try to get part four out after Christmas. Matt Schaefer told me I needed Jesus (really), so we’ve been digging around in his past. The Texas GOP is fractured and may break any moment. Municipal elections are coming, the state legislative session is coming, and Trump is still in the White House.

Stay tuned.

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