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Are Vendors Buying Contracts In Arlington Through Political Contributions?

Donations from law firm on the heels of mayor’s ethics violations raises a lot of questions.

Over the weekend, Arlington Texas Crime, a Facebook page that regularly posts crime, politics, ethics violations, and wrongdoing in Arlington posted these pictures. They show political contribution to the Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers District 7, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem campaign from the Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson Law Firm.

Here is the problem. This particular law firm has a contract with the city for debt recovery. It is NOT ETHICAL to accept money for thousands of dollars and then approve yet another contract with the Linebarger Law Firm.

Unfortunately, that’s not all of it.

Multiple city council members have accepted political contributions from the Linebarger Law Firm.

Even ex-city council members got campaign contributions from the Linebarger Law Firm. Roxanne Thalman received $2,500 from them in 2017.

How much have they given Mayor Jeff Williams?

In 2015, the Linebarger Law Firm gave Williams $5,000. And in 2019, Glenn Lewis gave Williams $2,500. Glenn Lewis is a partner at the Linebarger Law Firm. Ironically, Jeff Williams was just fined $1,500 from the Texas Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance rules.

Luckily for Arlington, Williams is at the end of his term limits and will not be eligible to serve another term. Williams’ buddy, Arlington attorney Jim Ross, and Councilman of District 3, Marvin Sutton have both already announced their campaign for Arlington mayor.

Adding it up.

In total, over the last several years he Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson Law Firm has funneled at least $17,500 into Arlington’s city council and mayor’s campaigns. They currently hold the contract with the city for debt recovery.

The optics of this doesn’t look good for any of the city officials involved.

Victoria Farrar-Meyers.

Councilwoman Farrar-Meyers is facing a runoff election tomorrow, December 8 against political newcomer, Antoine Lane. District 7 is an at-large district, meaning every single registered voter in Arlington can vote.

Go here to find your closest polling location and hours they’re open.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!


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