We, the people, should not stand for this.

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What Republicans are doing right now is beyond outrageous. Living Blue in Texas wrote about five elected Texas Republicans three weeks ago who are aiding Trump in acts of sedition. Now, the mainstream media is finally catching on.

We are no longer in normal territory. All 50 states have already certified the elections. Yet, the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton has filed the most absurd and outlandish lawsuit with the supreme court.

Paxton is asking SCOTUS to overturn millions of votes in battleground states, even though they have ZERO evidence of voter fraud. Yes, the states he is asking to overturn happened to all who have voted for Joe Biden.

SEVENTEEN other State Attorney Generals have joined Paxton’s lawsuit.

The Lincoln Project tweeted their names and contact information of each one of those AGs HERE. Then, on top of that, our very own Senator, Ted Cruz has volunteered himself as a tribute and wants to be the one to argue it. He did this because Trump’s regular lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is in the hospital with COVID-19.

(You can find both Paxton’s and Cruz’s contact information here.) → → →

The way that these works are: first the courts in each one of those states have a chance to respond before it goes to the supreme court. Then when SCOTUS meets again, likely tomorrow, they will decide whether or not they will hear the case.

What will happen? No one knows. What we do know is Texas is doing something stupid and everyone is angry about it.

Ken Paxton’s Office

Ted Cruz’s Office

Pennsylvania responded earlier this afternoon.

And it was scathing. Pennsylvania accusing Texas of using a “cacophony of bogus claims” to support a “seditious abuse of the judicial process.” Yep, those are the words they use.

Oh, it gets better.

106 House Republicans are backing the lawsuit. These 106 elected officials (ALL REPUBLICAN) overturn the election in four states because democracy doesn’t work for them when they lose. Buzzfeed was kind enough to publish a list of all 106 House Representatives.

Here are the ones from Texas.

Who, from here on out, shall forever be known as their proper title, “The Traitor,” as well as their contact information. Remember, these people work for us, the people. We pay them with our taxes.

Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas’s 8th Congressional District

Rep. Michael C. Burgess of Texas’s 26th Congressional District

Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas’s 27th Congressional District

Rep. Bill Flores of Texas’s 17th Congressional District

Rep. Kenny Marchant of Texas’s 24th Congressional District

Rep. Ron Wright of Texas’s 6th Congressional District

Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas’s 11th Congressional District

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas’s 1st Congressional District

Rep. Randy Weber of Texas’s 14th Congressional District

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas’s 2nd Congressional District

Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas’s 5th Congressional District

Rep. Roger Williams of Texas’s 25th Congressional District

So far, I have given you 14 elected Texas representatives names, numbers, and emails. defines sedition as “1) Incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government; 2) Any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.”

These Republicans work for us, the people, no matter who we voted for.

They need to be reminded of this. There is no one asking or telling these people to try and overturn democracy.

They are trying to overturn the will of the people. Texas Republicans are the assholes that stepped out there and said, “we don’t want to follow the will of the people.”

The will of the people, Democrats, voted overwhelmingly to elect Joe Biden. Biden won with over 81 million votes. That’s the popular vote, 5.2 million of those votes came from Texas.

It is time for all 5.2 million of us to remind them that their job is to represent the US, too. It is time for all 5.2 million of us to remind them that they swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States.

We the people demand that our elected officials immediately stop their attempts of sedition.

Who will do something?

Republicans, are playing a betting game. They are betting they can overthrow a constitutional democracy. This is a coup in live-action. If they succeed America as we know it will cease to exist. Think of every single Ayn Rand wet-dream they ever had. They will try to make it happen.

It’s all in the hands of the supreme court now. Will they launch us into a civil war and allow a fascist government to take the reigns, all led at the hands of a white supremacist with a temperament of a two-year-old.

Normally, we would all seem to have a snowball’s chance in hell, but we can’t forget the three awful supreme court choices that Republicans shoved in there, especially not the last one.

Call your elected officials, every one of them. Let them know you won’t stand for this.

And sign this petition demanding that the F.B.I. and Department of Justice bring charges of sedition to every single one of them. (Make sure to share it, too.)

We’re not at a 5-alarm fire yet, but we’re getting close.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

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