Shelley Luther Held Hate Rally, Supporters Call Lone Black Woman N-Word

Shelley Luther Held Hate Rally, Supporters Call Lone Black Woman N-Word

This last weekend criminal salon Barbie, Shelley Luther whipped up all-sorts of bonkers in North Texas. It has become evidently clear, this woman is dangerous to Texas, and she has to be stopped. There is a lot to unpack here.

Do you know this man?

At 1 hour and 11 minutes in the video below (or here), a toothless man approached local activist, Shenita Cleveland. He kept getting incredibly close to her and attempted to assault her more than once. Then he called her a “stupid n***er.”

If you recognize this man, drop a line to us on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll make him famous.

There is also a second video, which Cleveland captured, that shows more white men calling her a “Black monkey” and a “stupid monkey.”

Those incidents happened towards the end of Luther’s weekend. The rest of it was just as ugly.

Shelley Luther’s weekend started with a guest appearance at a Dallas QAnon Meetup.

This particular QAnon meetup was organized by InfoWars and promoted by the Texas GOP. That’s where her weekend started. The flyer for the QAnon meetup used the Q-slogan “We Are The Storm,” and listed a bunch of ways to oppress people talking points. Those talking points were:

  • Stop abortions
  • Stop the steal
  • Fair elections
  • Open Texas
  • Close borders
  • Open churches
  • Pro gun
  • Pro god
  • Church is essential
  • Pro life

What does all of it mean? No one knows. It’s the Republican Party platform, but what was the point of listing it? Are they protesting all of these things at once? Or was it a signal to who was invited as to what kind of rally it would be?

My personal favorite thing about their promotional flyer was “all non-vulgar signs welcome.” They’re OK with killing thousands of people with Covid, putting children in cages, and shoving their religion down your throat, but DON’T YOU DARE make a sign with the word ‘fuck’ on it.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the shindig was a real gas.

Some of the things that were said.

One of the InfoWars speakers said during his presentation, “Greg Abbott doesn’t stand for the national anthem.”

That’s the type of hate rhetoric we expect from Alex Jones, but the fact that both a political candidate and a current elected official, Bob Hall of SD2, were in attendance and have not come out to condemn this disgusting rhetoric only displays how unfit they are to serve office.

Senator Bob Hall absolutely wins an Anti Award© for his participation.

Is this where we are in Texas, as a society? Elected officials attend conspiracy conferences to cheer for our soon to be ex-white nationalist president, even though he lost, and make fun of disabled people. This is far from the party of Lincoln.

During this same event, Shelley Luther said that Greg Abbott needed to be primaried.

Then on Sunday, Shelley Luther headlined her own Ku Klux Trump rally in Gainesville.

Oh yes, it was all caught on video.

Local activist, Shenita Cleveland went out to this event, bravely alone, and caught much of their deplorable behavior on tape.

Living Blue in Texas has covered multiple racists incidents in Gainesville this year, which showed how the small Confederate town is still thriving in white supremacy. A more than a perfect spot for a Klan Trump rally.

The video begins with an exchange between Cleveland and Luther. Luther was telling Cleveland that they were going to call the cops for Cleveland’s bullhorn and Cleveland thanked her for looking out. It was an interesting exchange. They seemed to be familiar with each other, as Luther called Cleveland by her first name.

Shenita Cleveland brought up an interesting point early on in the video, just because there are only Republicans in this runoff election, doesn’t mean Democrats can’t vote.

Why should Dems vote?

This is not a choice between two standard run-of-the-mill Republican candidates. It’s a choice between one Republican, Drew Springer, who is fairly awful and has done some bad things, OR Shelley Luther.

Luther is a snowflake who conned the Texas government, made a million dollars off of it, asserted that she didn’t have to follow laws, which is how she grew her fanbase, including the Boogaloo Boy she was seen with at an anti-Black rally in August.

On top of that, she’s now holding hate rallies, for our soon to be ex-president who has led the most racist administration since Reagan and cozying up with extremists. It really is voting for the lesser of two evils. Does SD30 really want to send another white nationalist and con artist to Austin? Perhaps we have enough there already.

Dems should show up to the SD30 vote, hold their nose, and cast a ballot for Drew Springer, even though we don’t like him because the alternative is much worse.

Within 5 minutes of the video, Trumpers approached Cleveland.

Cleveland was holding a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign, and the first thing they said to her is, “What about all of the Black babies?” They went on to tell her that the Black community has been killing Black babies in the womb and they have been murdering their own people for years and years.

If it was unclear that this was a racist event, the angry white people made it clear within the first 5 minutes of Shenita Cleveland’s video. Some of the things said during that first exchange were:

  • “Y’all just shoot each other for no reason.” (A white woman said that she meant Black people when she said ‘y’all.’)
  • “You shoot each other all the time and you’re worried about life?”

About 13 minutes in, the Trump Train arrived.

The Trump Train people unloaded. Many of them held up four fingers towards Cleveland, (insinuating 4 more years 🙄). Then, at the 20-minute mark, a man with a long gun shouted across the street to Cleveland, “There is only three of you and thousands of us.”

What did he mean?

A few people had pulled over to stand with Cleveland, since she was alone out there, they were also Black. The man with the long gun meant it as a threat. He was threatening the heavily outnumbered Black people who were standing across the street.

These are the people that Shelley Luther represents. And even though there were “thousands of them,” (it was more like 200), they were completely triggered by Shenita Cleveland’s presence. By the 36 minute mark, they had completely surrounded her.

One of the red trucks in the Trump Train tried to hit Cleveland as they passed her and then shot a cloud of black smoke out of its exhaust. That’s the type of people who were at this event, hardcore Trump people, Shelley Luther’s people. By 50 minutes in, many of them shouted at Cleveland calling her, “gal” and “girl.” This is what hate looks like.

Around the 55 minute mark, a woman in a Trump mask taunted Cleveland from across the street.

She shouted “All lives matter,” from across the street, and then when she got tired of wearing the mask, she put it on top of her flag pole. No joke. It looked as if she was waving a beheaded orange man while shouting how all lives mattered in a megaphone.

In the meanwhile, a white woman in a neon-green poncho followed Cleveland around yelling at her about how she had mixed children, there was voter fraud, and all lives mattered.

More than anything, this hate rally demonstrated how severe the mental health crisis is in America.

Then, in a moment that couldn’t even be made up, at the 1 hour and 2-minute mark, a Black woman dressed in head-to-toe Trump gear stood in between Cleveland and a large group of white people and danced. I wish I was making this up.

Y’all have to watch the video. It was really sad.

After the woman finished her dance, several of the white people gathered to take turns getting pictures with her.

What the woman probably didn’t realize is those white people are going to use her picture on Facebook to “show the libtards” that Trump isn’t racist because there are Black Trump supporters. 🙄

Shenita Cleveland is my new personal hero.

When it was time for Luther to speak on the mic, Cleveland held the siren on the bullhorn down, for the entirety of Shelley Luther’s speech. It was brilliant.

If Luther wanted to spread hate, Q conspiracies, and racist Trumpism, she had to do it over the siren that day. 😂

However, the racists didn’t find it amusing.

This is when the racist man approached Cleveland.

After the white supremacist left her alone, she went right back to holding the siren on the bullhorn. Because fuck racism, fuck Donald Trump, and fuck Shelley Luther.

That wasn’t the end of it. At 1 hour and 20 minutes in, this woman approached Cleveland and asked her a question.

The question couldn’t be heard over the bullhorn, but she kept getting inches away from Cleveland, with no mask and demanding Cleveland answer her. Then, at some point, the woman made physical contact with her.

What was the physical contact? Cleveland didn’t say in the video, but any physical contact is assault.

Roughly 10 minutes after that, the woman in the green poncho was following Cleveland around again. This time she had a plate of food.

Green poncho lady approached Cleveland and asked her to eat the food. It could have been poisoned. Obviously, Cleveland declined. Then the poncho lady got on her knees, held, the food up, and begged Cleveland to eat it.

Cleveland kept refusing the food.

So, the green poncho lady approached her and placed it on the ground at her feet. Then Shenita Cleveland said what we were all thinking, “y’all have been out here calling me a n***er, do you really think I’m going to eat food from you?”

The video ended soon after that but in a second video posted by Cleveland just minutes later, she was called a “Black monkey” and a “stupid monkey.”

These are the people who came to see Shelly Luther speak. This is what Shelley Luther represents. It’s true, Drew Springer is a Republican and a jackass, but Luther appeals to the absolute worst in our society, which is why Democrats in SD30 should get out and vote against her. Make sure that she doesn’t make it to office.

Senate District 30’s election day is December 19, with early voting starting on December 9th. Stop her from getting into office.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!


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