Send Help! Chip Roy Has Been Abducted By Pod People!

Send Help! Chip Roy Has Been Abducted By Pod People!

The Chip Roy Pod Person advocating for anti-cronyism.

When suddenly one of the most crony-capitalist Republicans in Congress is advocating for things that have been completely against his positions, you have to wonder if it’s really the Chip Roy we’ve all grown to know and loath. Could this really be Roy or has his body been inhabited by Pod People?

It all started here:

Chip Roy said he’s tired of big business hacks living off of crony capitalism.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Saulsbury Industries donated $47,600 to his campaign. They are a client of Kinder Morgan. The same Kinder Morgan Chip Roy owns stocks in. The same Kinder Morgan building a pipeline through confiscated land in Texas Hill Country, which then leaked into drinking water. Chip Roy responded with a letter on his website.

As we now know, Ken Paxton is in more/new trouble for abuse of office and bribery, we can’t forget that Chip Roy’s departure from the AG’s office was clouded in accusations that he received hush money.

Why would Chip Roy suddenly advocate anti-cronyism when he is the walking textbook example of crony capitalism?

At a May 2019 House Oversight Committee hearing, Roy declared himself “offended” by questions about the high price of HIV prevention drugs, calling them “an attack on the capitalistic system.” Roy said he was “really glad” about the drug makers’ obscene profits–“And I hope they make a lot more!”

And do y’all remember when Chip Roy blocked Texas from getting federal disaster relief, calling disaster aid to Texas, “swampy?” Surely it had nothing to do with the obscene amount of cash he’s gotten from the insurance sector.

The only one that the real Chip Roy ever looks after is Chip Roy.

Don’t forget, back in January 2019, soon after the longest government shutdown in American history, not only did Roy vote against reopening the government; Congress voted on a bill to give the furloughed government workers back pay. Chip Roy was one of only a handful to vote against it. He wanted the government workers who were unpaid for over a month as Republicans fought for a vanity wall, to not receive back pay. 

As if that alone wasn’t bad enough, during that time many members of Congress chose to either donate or withhold receiving their paychecks. You know, in solidarity with the furloughed workers. Chip Roy decided even though he didn’t think the lowly government workers should be paid, but he was certainly entitled to his $174,000 a year, making him one of the fewer congresspeople to opt for pocketing his paycheck. 

If you look up crony capitalism in the dictionary, Chip Roy’s face would be next to the definition.

Good try, Pod People. We know the real Chip Roy would never advocate against crony capitalism. The people of Texas can do one of two things. Get ready for a war with the alien Pod People, (because you could be next), or just allow them to inhabit our once poster boy of political corruption.

It’s a tough decision.

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