TX13 Rep-Elect Ronny Jackson Advocating Overthrow Of Government

TX13 Rep-Elect Ronny Jackson Advocating Overthrow Of Government

One more elected Texas representative advocating the nullification of a free and fair election.

On November 20, we published an article about five Texas Republicans who were aiding Trump in committing acts of sedition. The traitor, Ronny Jackson was one of them. What is he a traitor of? Democracy.

This morning, we also published an article related to 14 other Texas Republicans who were traitors of democracy. Ronny Jackson wasn’t on that list as an oversight. But make no mistake, the traitor, Ronny Jackson doesn’t believe in constitutional democracy and is trying to overthrow the government along with many other of his Republican colleagues.

Here are just a few of his recent tweets:

The Traitor, Doctor Ronny Jackson is a retired Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. He retired from the military on December 1st, 2019, after 25 years of Active Duty service to his country. His last duty assignment was at the White House, where he served as Assistant to the President and as the appointed Chief Medical Advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

There are a couple of points to make here.

  1. It’s odd to see someone who once served our country to become an enemy of democracy.
  2. It’s possible that Trump has something he’s holding over Jackson’s head? Which would make sense why he’s selling his soul for this man.

217,000 people voted for this?

Remember when they said Jackson was doing a good job protecting the president from COVID…even though the president got COVID?

He spent his campaign touting lies and unfounded conspiracy theories.

The traitor, Ronny Jackson even once suggested that Biden was on drugs, despite the long time rumors of Trump’s Adderall addiction.

TX-13 encompasses 40 different counties. It’s hard to believe that there is that wide of an area that predominately would choose evil over good.

Well, that’s just what they did when they elected this buffoon. Texas, we really have to start doing better than this.

Trump is fighting to STRIP THE VOTE from MILLIONS OF VOTERS. Jackson wants to protect him, and THAT makes him an ENEMY OF DEMOCRACY.

There is no way for us to even contact his office.

Do you know why? Because he’s a rep-elect. He doesn’t yet have an office, a phone number, or an email address. The people of Texas need to be hitting up his social media, on Twitter or Facebook, daily and letting him know his behavior is seditious.

The traitor, Ronny Jackson is not only an enemy of democracy, he’s a liar and an embarrassment. We already have enough of those in Texas.

If the traitor, Ronny Jackson doesn’t wind up in jail for sedition, we need to make sure he is only a one-term congressman.

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