Progressives In Parker County Are Fighting Racism In Weatherford

Progressives In Parker County Are Fighting Racism In Weatherford

There is no question about it, Progressives in Parker County are modern day civil rights activists standing up to hate in their own town. As the ones who came before them, they won’t stop, either.

Last week we published an article about how the fight against racism in Weatherford, Texas is ongoing. The Progressives in Parker County held a protest against the racist Confederate statue which sits on Parker County Courthouse lawn, yesterday. During that protest, nothing unexpected happened. Which was unfortunate. As we expected, a bunch of Neo-Confederates showed up, a lot of racial slurs were said and caught on camera (below), and a young Black lady was assaulted.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as the incident in July, but the die-hards are still fighting to make sure their precious ode to white supremacy isn’t moved two blocks away to the old city cemetery. Here is a complete breakdown of what happened, what was caught on video, and where we go from here.

The “counter-protesters” came out to the square at least an hour before the protest.

The picture on your left was taken before the protest, as they were all doing some type of circle-jerk around the statue. Their plan was to get there before the protesters to stand as physical shields around the statue because they still think that their Black neighbors are going to burn it down, despite they’ve never burned it down in all of the dozens of protests they’ve had this year.

Aside from Progressives in Parker County’s own publicity, the “counter-protesters” made their own calls to action for attendance at this event.

The Texas Division of the Sons of the Confederate Facebook page was nice enough to give Living Blue in Texas some publicity. (Thanks for the free publicity, guys)

They posted our article on their Facebook page.

We love the free publicity, especially from Neo-Confederate groups like SCV. Why? Because the person who told us it was posted there is a watch-dog and anti-racist activists watch the SCV’s page likely more than the old racists do. So, sure it sends racists over to read our content, but it also gets the word out to activists and watch-dogs watching their page, who in turn become our friends. And, we like friends.

It should be no surprise to anyone, the responses to their post were hateful and racist.

Likely, these people don’t even realize how hateful and ugly they look.

Of course, many people say they do know and they just don’t care. But this is what the residual effects of the Lost Cause look like. They’ve been lied to their entire lives and were likely indoctrinated into white supremacy when they were kids and it is now intertwined with their identities.

While the SCV does have a Hitler Confederate youth camp they’ve been running for several years, the large majority of the SCV are baby boomers, or even older. Are they lost causes? Some will tell you they are, some will say everyone is capable of learning, no matter how old they are. It is Living Blue in Texas’ opinion that old racists likely will never learn or understand inclusion.

The other group that was out there was “Take America Back – Texas.” It was a little upsetting because they posted on Facebook that there would be hamburgers and hot dogs, but in all of the live streams posted this weekend, none of them showed food anywhere at that event. According to the locals, they did have food out there before 1 pm, but it was definitely gone by 2:00

And who does that?

It would just chap my hide if I went to an event hungry expecting food and no food was anywhere to be found. These people couldn’t be true Texans, because y’all know, in Texas, we know how to feed people. It’s possible that Take Back America – Texas has been infiltrated by Yankees.

All of the who’s who of Neo-Confederates and Neo-Nazis made an appearance.

In this fist video clip you can see some Charlie Daniels looking dude in a loser flag sweater, (he later identified himself as Randall, owner of Ghost Rider Ranch), some young guy who shouts his ABCs, and several Neo-Confederates shake hands with local police.

We saw the same thing in Gainesville and when confronted about it, Gainesville police said they were just being friendly with the community. However, just like in Gainesville, there wasn’t any video captured of police shaking hands with Black protesters or their allies.

Also seen in this video is “Festus” Allcock. That isn’t his real name, his real name is actually Joe Earl Allcock JR. He just happens to be the Commander of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Robert E. Lee Camp 239, Fort Worth.

In this clip, you can hear multiple men chanting, “Long live the Confederacy.”

Then Progressives in Parker County leader, Tony Crawford, challenged the Neo-Confederate group to prove that the Confederacy wasn’t racist.

Unsurprisingly, “Festus” Allcock took up the challenge. He said that the Confederacy wasn’t racist because Black men fought FOR their enslavement.

Black men DID NOT fight for the Confederacy.

This has been a long-debunked myth. While there were thousands of Black men who with Confederate armies as body servants, laborers, teamsters, hospital workers, and cooks; there were no Black soldiers. Scholars have long contended that no people would ever willingly fight to perpetuate their own enslavement. However, according to Allcock, they weren’t slaves because “there were no whips.” He must know because he was there… More likely, he’s just repeating UDC Lost Cause garbage about “happy slaves.”

John the Nazi was also out there.

John Verdier, a Weatherford resident has been on the radars of anti-racist activists this year. He started showing up at protests a few months ago, claiming to be a Neo-Nazi. It was later discovered he was part of the 2017 Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

At this protest, he was captured multiple times spouting racist rhetoric. Like in this clip, where he said “pro-Black was anti-white.” His friend standing next to him then said that “equality for Black people would take away from the white man.” Then John responded with, “don’t hate, separate.”

These are the people fighting to keep Weatherford’s racist statue in place.

Threats came from a member of Take America Back – Texas.

Jessica Luther-Rummel pressed some of these racists for their names as they stood around giving her dirty looks. Then one of them turned to her and said, “I hope you stay around, so the rest of your day gets fucked.”

What did that mean? It certainly sounded like a threat.

The move of the statue is currently being held up by Mayor Paul Paschall. I wonder if Mayor Paschall saw these videos of the racism, hate, and violence perpetrated by these Neo-Confederates and white supremacists, he would still not want the statue to move.

Then in an extremely bizarre moment, John the Nazi approached Jessica Luther-Rummel and asked her how long she supported anal sex.

That sounded like a proposition.

John the Nazi is supposedly married, I wonder how his wife feels about him going around asking other women about anal sex. Jessica then went to several police officers and inquired about Weatherford’s decency laws. They told her that she said the word “fuck,” and that was no different than John the Nazi’s proposition. She clarified with them that the language was ok, then told all of the white supremacists standing around that they could all go get fucked up the ass. 😂

Then, John the Nazi told Jessica that he would choke her out in 3 seconds. Another threat. Weatherford police heard it and still did not act. Speaking of threats, here is one of the treats sent to Progressives of Parker County before the rally:

That’s what these people do.

They’re full of hate and rage and are willing to put out threats, assault people, lose their jobs, smear their communities, and embarrass themselves all for the sake of a 100-year-old racist statue.

White supremacy is deeply engrained in these people.

Here is another clip of a white man asking a Black man if he is a n***er. (Hard R)

Weatherford is thriving in racism.

You can see more of Jessica Luther-Rummel’s video here. Saturday, December 12 was one more event in Weatherford that showed the entire world that the Confederate statue has the full support of white supremacy behind it.

It’s baffling how any non-racist can see what’s been happening in Weatherford and not have the urge to stand with or support the Black community and their allies in their efforts to remove this symbol of white supremacy from the lawn of the halls of justice.

Justice in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, U.S.A. isn’t blind. 165 years after the Confederate traitors were defeated by America, the Confederacy still thrives in small towns like Weatherford. If it wasn’t for amazing groups like Progressives of Parker County, they would continue to go unchecked.

Enough is enough.

Follow Progressives of Parker County on Facebook to keep up with the efforts and stay tuned to Living Blue in Texas, we have more coming.

Thank you to Ashton Smith and Grantifa of Parker County for these fantastic pictures capturing this event.

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