Eaton Corporation, volunteers give LISD students gifts

Eaton Corporation, volunteers give LISD students gifts

Photo: (from left) Stephen Lipek (elf), Tijuandria Smith and Cedric Parsons Sr. deliver gifts to fulfill the Christmas wishes of LISD students. Photo courtesy of T-Ronn Hicks.

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — Eaton Corporation represented by Tijuandria Smith, community leader T-Ronn Hicks (Simply Badd), volunteers Stephen Lipek and Cedric Parsons Sr., Ethen Jones of  Community in Schools and Kristi Sims, Durham Middle School counselor, collaborated to provide joy by delivering gifts to 23 LISD students so their Christmas wishes would come true.

Staff members of the Eaton Corporation, a global company, wanted to bless students and community who would not be recipients of the Toys for Tots and other Christmas community giveaways. Production manager Tijuandria Smith told fellow co-worker Darleen Muzic that Eaton wanted to help support a nonprofit organization that helps students.

Darleen knew that T-Ronn Hicks, who always helps the Lewisville community’s children, would want to help and texted him. After Muzic contacted Hicks, he replied that he “would work with the counselors from several schools in Lewisville and let’s make it happen.”

“School counselor Kristi Sims gave me the students’ wish list and the ‘Eaton Elves’ went to work granting Christmas wishes,” said Hicks. The collaboration resulted in students receiving gifts that ranged from Christmas lights to bikes.

Hicks noted, “I’m used to bringing Christmas to youth. For nine years, the late Fred Placke would gather about 90 students and 15 adults, three charter buses to go three hours to Goldwaite, Texas, to take Christmas to the youth, so bringing joy to the youth is in me, thanks to Mr. Fred!”

“My fellow volunteers and I just want to say thank you Eaton Corporation for helping us bring joy to our community,” said Hicks.

Photo: (from left) Ethen Jones, Kristi Sims (front), Stephen Lipek, Tijuandria Smith and Cedric Parsons Sr. celebrate bringing Christmas joy to LISD students. Photo courtesy of T-Ronn Hicks.

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