HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull’s Husband Files For Divorce: Alleged Adultery

HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull’s Husband Files For Divorce: Alleged Adultery

The paperwork was filed on November 3rd (election day) and sources tell us that the alleged adultery involved another elected official.

On November 3rd as the political world was busy with election day, Trevor Hull, the spouse of newly elected Texas House Representative, Lacey Hull filed for a divorce. Considering how tight the polls were for the HD138 race, Trevor Hull likely wanted to wait and not damage Lacey Hull’s chances at winning.

You may notice that Lacey Hull’s name is misspelled in the records, (we’ll get to that). The paperwork that was filed on the 3rd listed the grounds for divorce and included, “Respondent has committed adultery.”

The entire situation is really messy and considering how many people are already aware of it, it’s a wonder how this hasn’t already been leaked.

One of Hull’s affairs allegedly was Cole Hefner, HD5 Rep.

We spoke to legislative staffers who wanted to remain anonymous who told us that when Trevor Hull learned of his wife’s alleged affair, he called multiple other elected officials to out his wife and Hefner. We reached out to Trevor Hull and he was unwilling to speak with us.

However, it wasn’t just elected officials and their staffers who knew about this alleged affair between Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner.

Volunteers for a Democratic campaign in Harris County witnessed Hefner campaigning hard for Lacey at various polling locations, including helping with large sign placement.

Meaning Hefner drove down from East Texas, hours away to Harris County, to campaign for her.

Campaign volunteers witnessed them together and described them as looking like, “They looked like two teenagers in love.”

Missing endorsements.

By using the way-back machine, we can see on Hull’s website, under her list of endorsements that many of the endorsements she had in August were taken off of her website. The missing endorsements include:

  • Daphne Hager, precinct chair 444
  • Amy Holsworth, board member of HCRP ballot security
  • Anthony Dolcefino, former Houston city Council candidate
  • Kelli Cook, publisher Golden Hammer
  • Cody Briles, Spring Branch business owner
  • Dylan Glass, conservative leader
  • Emily Nickel, BCBA
  • Matthew Hager, small business owner
  • Dr. Stephen Glass, Dentist
  • John Stoltz, activist
  • Dabney Glass, educator
  • Stephanie Briles, Spring Branch ISD teacher
  • Kathy Coots, small business owner
  • Walter Burke, small business owner
  • Ashley Burke, co-founder We the Parents
  • Jon Bouche, candidate for MOCO Republican party chair
  • Adrian Kaiser, MOCO precinct chair

A total of 17 endorsements were removed from Lacey Hull’s website just weeks before the election. Why? Were these people with knowledge of her alleged affairs or were some of them her alleged lovers?

According to the staffers we spoke with regarding Trevor Hull’s phone call, Cole Hefner was not the only alleged affair, but there were many alleged affairs.

What about the name misspelling?

This was particularly interesting since there has been an unconfirmed rumor circulating that Valoree Swanson, HD150 Rep had changed the spelling of the name of her son-in-law, Ronnie Holley’s name to cover up a DUI earlier this year.

The unconfirmed rumor was that she was to do this possibly with the help of ADA Rachel Palmer Hooper who she has maintained friendly relations with over the years.

Valoree Swanson is Lacey Hull’s mentor and was one of her biggest advocates during the 2020 election.

If you were wondering, we asked our lawyer, if Swanson was able to get names on court records changed to avoid the public becoming aware of her son-in-law or Hull, that is definitely an illegal activity.

Lacey Hull’s political future.

Living Blue Texas rates this seat as potentially open following the next primary as there are swarms of rumors regarding candidates possibly declaring as soon as January. Even with possible slate backing, can Lacey fend off these potential Republican challengers as she remains hiding from the public and bed deep in scandal?

Time will tell.

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