Kaufman County Commissioners Sided With Hate On Confederacy Vote

Kaufman County Commissioners Sided With Hate On Confederacy Vote

Normalizing white supremacy should always shock and anger us.

On Tuesday, November 24th, two days before Thanksgiving, the Kaufman County Commissioners Court finally voted on whether or not to keep their Confederate statue on the lawn of the halls of justice. Want to guess how it went? 5-0 to keep it.

Not only did they vote to keep the statue, but they also voted with the representatives of literal Neo-Confederate hate groups. Here is the video. (Breakdown of the meeting also below)

The only people who showed up to speak that day was a bunch of old white people. I asked the people in De-Confederate Kaufman why they didn’t make it. It was because it was on a Tuesday morning, when most people had to work, and two days before Thanksgiving.

The public comments.

The first speaker was Bill Hart, who spoke about Vietnam and Vietnam statues. I suppose he was trying to give an analogy, but he had all of his points wrong.

I think the point he was trying to get to was if you move the statue it erases history. But the real point should have been that the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) already rewrote history via the lost cause. Now, entire generations of white people practice white supremacy and don’t even realize what their beliefs are based on, because of the UDC’s 130 year war against the truth.

Rob Jones, proud Confederate.

The next speaker was Rob Jones, he said he is an attorney from Chatfield. Chatfield is a small unincorporated area in Navarro County. Mr. Jones approached the podium with a cane and long beard. He looked like a villain straight out of a comic book.

He said he represents a number of citizens, voters, and taxpayers. Then he said he also represents the owners of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. Which means, he’s part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I looked into Rob Jones, he’s deeply entrenched in the Confederacy.

Here is in 2003, in a Civil War uniform unveiling a Civil War historical marker:

Also pictured with him here is his parents. Apparently, where he lives in Chatfield, they used to do Civil War reenactments every year. Maybe they still do. Apparently, the indoctrination of Jones goes back generations.

Jones also referred to the statue as a cenotaph, although it is not. Just a word he threw in there to make it seem as if moving the statue would be disrespecting the dead.

Then he went on to say that if the commissioners counted the votes in Kaufman County based on Republican/Democrat, that likely it would be the Democrats who would want the statue to go. Which means that everyone else would want the racist statue to stay.

Now might be a good time to point out….

While the ties with the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the Ku Klux Klan will be included in the third installment of Staying In Your Lane, we should still be reminded of who and what this man represents.

The statue in Kaufman County was erected in 1911 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and Jones claimed the SCV owned it now, just a short drive away in Fort Worth, in 1919, the SCV also put up a statue memorializing the Ku Klux Klan.

If it’s not clear, the Sons of the Confederate Veterans and the Ku Klux Klan were two groups who were intertwined. When did they stop being intertwined?

But it wasn’t a one-way relationship. Here is another article from 1921 about how the KKK was raising funds for the SCV.

You tell me. The modern-day Ku Klux Klan still flies the Confederate flag.

Next to speak, Jennifer Robinson, a proud white woman.

I’ve seen this woman in other videos, but it wasn’t until I saw this commissioner hearing that I realized that Jennifer Robinson was the boy scout lady from the October Texas Reconstruction Project Tour.

Jennifer Robinson dressed as a grandma.
Jennifer Robinson dressed as a boy scout.

She is something else. She was angry and the bulk of her speech was about herself, nearly every sentence out of her mouth began with “I, me,” or “my.” Jennifer Robinson is the proud white representative of the Kaufman County Chapter of the UDC, (we’ll get there), and she is just outraged that the Black people of Kaufman County no longer want an ode to white supremacy on the lawn of the halls to justice.

Robinson began her speech by saying her descendants came to America 400 years ago on the Mayflower. (Fact: when the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock, 32 slaves were already in Virginia. The slave trade was already in America before Jennifer Robinson’s ancestors.)

She went on, “It’s not a monument, it’s a cenotaph, whether you believe it or not.” Y’all have to watch her in this video, she spoke with such anger and aggression. We aren’t going to tone police her, but her tone leaves us wondering why she’s so angry.

She said she started the fight to save the loser trophy cenotaph and she has endured people calling her horrible names, screaming obscenities while she stood in front of the courthouse (in her boy scout uniform), and her job and life have been threatened.

Jennifer Robinson is full of shit.

I have had the great privilege of meeting many of the people involved in the efforts to get the racist statue moved. They aren’t gangsters, they are lawyers, accountants, and teachers. They haven’t threatened anyone. Did they call her names? Probably not. Although, if I saw her I might call her a few choice words.

It gets better.

Then Robinson said that there have been people brought into that county that want to destroy our country.

Let’s put this into context. Kaufman County residents want a racist statue moved from public grounds. According to Jennifer Robinson, that will destroy our country. Oh yeah, because America was built on a foundation of white supremacy, and giving everyone equality would destroy that foundation.

The racists often point out themselves, as Jennifer Robinson did. Her conspiracy and racist rambling didn’t stop there. She said, “There is a Marxist agenda in this country. They want to take down the white supremacy everything our country was built on.”

Since Jennifer Robinson is a representative of the UDC, now might be a time to bring up…

Like the UDC’s brother organization, the SCV; they also have a long history of being intertwined with the Ku Klux Klan. In 1938, famed NAACP leader, Walter White, was set to make an appearance in Dallas. That’s when the UDC and SCV teamed up with the KKK to stop him. Yes, they wanted to stop a Black activist from giving a speech in Dallas. How far is Dallas from Kaufman? 5 miles? I wonder if that 1938 chapter of the UDC is the same one that Jennifer Robinson belongs to today.

If it’s not clear, the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Ku Klux Klan were two groups who were intertwined. When did they stop being intertwined?

Again, you tell me. The modern-day Ku Klux Klan still flies the Confederate flag.

Michael Embry, a model Brietbart reader.

If the two racists that spoke before Michael Embry were didn’t make you vomit enough, Embry surely will. He’s been on a diet of Q-fueled news for months and he was ready to make his points.

His opening statement. “It’s been a weird year with the pandemic, the rise of Antifa and BLM, and a greatly, greatly flawed election.” Oh yeah, that’s where he started from.

He said the goal of Antifa was to remove all the monuments all the way back to the Mayflower and rebuild society to believe whatever it is they want us to believe.

What? I still have yet to meet an Antifa, but I’m sure their goal is ANTI-FASCISM. The people who want to move the monument are not fighting fascism, they’re fighting racism.

Then Embry said that a committee member had personally told him that removing the statues was a Marxist act.

Then he added, “this is what we’re facing, people who don’t share the same values as we do.” We all agree on that one, Michael. The people who want the statues moved, believe in equality and Black liberation. Michael Embry and Klan supporters who spoke before him want to keep the institution of white supremacy in America. Nope, we don’t share the same values.

Then came the vote.

First up was County Commissioner of Precinct 1, Mike Hunt, (yes, his real name). He said he didn’t believe that moving the ode to white supremacy on the courthouse lawn would change the way that people treat each other because if he thought it would, he would be all for moving it.

He said that (I’m paraphrasing), people are racist because they learn it at home, and moving the statue won’t change them being racist. Unfortunately, he’s probably right about that one thing, but moving the statue should be done to change the hearts of bigots; it should be done to make the community more racially inclusive.

Mike Hunt thinks there should be conversations on racism, and that statue will help spark those conversations. Must be nice to have the privilege to not acknowledge the pain that the statue causes Kaufman County’s Black community.

Next up was County Commissioner of Precinct 2, Skeet Phillips, (also his real name). He said he agreed with Mike. They shouldn’t move the racist statue because it won’t stop racism. The irony of what both of these men said, seemed to have failed both of them.

Terry Barber, Commissioner of Place 3 was on the phone.

He barely said three words, and wanted the statue to remain.

Then, County Commissioner Place 4, Ken Cates was up. He told a story from years back when a Black man, who was under arrest told him that he would never have justice in Kaufman County because of that statue on the courthouse lawn. But, that’s not a factor anymore, because the world is now liberated from racism (I’m paraphrasing).

Then he called the white supremacist statute artistic and “isn’t art grant.”

Finally, with the vote 5-0, the county commissioners court voted to keep the statue where it stands.

It’s not over.

Americans have had it with racism and white supremacy. These old white men voted to keep a racist statue, based on the testimony from a bunch of old white people in groups affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. That doesn’t mean that De-Confederate Kaufman is giving up. The protests will continue and they won’t stop until all public spaces in Kaufman County are inclusive and free of white supremacist symbology.

Check back later this week for part three of “Staying In Your Lane – The History of Racial Violence in Kaufman County. “

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