Once Again, Gainesville PD Showing Racial Bias Over Political Flag

Once Again, Gainesville PD Showing Racial Bias Over Political Flag

It has come to our attention that a Black Gainesville resident is being targeted by local law enforcement and code enforcement regarding a political flag outside of his residence.

Records will reflect that on November 16, 2020, Gainesville police officer’s responded to the home of Tim White, regarding a flag outside of his home stating “Fuck Trump, and fuck your for voting for him.”

The call was quickly dismissed as first amendment speech. However, Gainesville police returned on November 21st and demanded that Mr. White remove the flag. Mr. White stated he would like to see a city ordinance regarding the situation and upon understanding would comply.

On November 23rd, officers were seen in video footage continuing to pass the house and take photos of the flag. Gainesville police officers never returned to the address with an ordinance or with any further information on the removal of the flag, but code enforcement has been seen on the property since the original police call.

While video will confirm Mr. Whites interaction with Gainesville law enforcement, there is no detailing of this encounter in open records.

On December 24th, Tim Whites landlord received a letter from code enforcement explaining that the property owner could be held liable and fined for not removing the flag within ten days.

Many “Trump 2020, no bullshit, and fuck your feelings” flags can be seen all over town, throughout historic district, and in the yards of fellow neighbors.

We believe this is a direct action of systemic racism and the infringement of first of amendment rights of Black Gainesville residents. The actions of governing Gainesville authorities to contact the landlord rather than Mr. White with ordinance details we view to be direct intimidation with intent to control first amendment rights.

Although Tim was willing to comply if given the ordinance in which he was allegedly violating, they felt the need to use intimidation by notifying his landlord, rather than him, the resident and sign owner.

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