Flora’s Family Gives Back For The Holidays

Flora’s Family Gives Back For The Holidays

Caprice Vaugh is a 25-year-old Lewisville resident and dental assistant. About a year ago, Caprice and her mother, Grace Vaughn, helped a local Dallas group feed the homeless. It was an experience that moved them and inspired them this year to organize a drive to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving this year.

Grace, a Gainesville resident, initially began giving back in honor of her mother, Flora, who passed away 25 years ago when Grace was 7 months pregnant with Caprice. They recently started an organization, which Caprice lovingly named, “Flora’s Family.”

They told all of their family and friends that they were intending on feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving and the response was overwhelming.

On Thanksgiving, they passed out care packages and coffee deserts to between 150 – 200 homeless. It was a success.


For Christmas, Flora’s Family organized a coat drive. The donations came in slow at first, mostly just from family and friends. But on Christmas Eve, they returned to South Dallas to pass out these well-needed coats.

While this mom and daughter duo live North of Dallas, they saw a greater need there.

In the homeless areas in Dallas people have everything they own in grocery carts and are living in tents and cardboard boxes.

“Every year our hope is to do a little more,” Grace told me, “Even on very minimum donations we are willing to show these people we care.”

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