TX-24, You Now Have The Most Racist Congressperson In Texas

TX-24, You Now Have The Most Racist Congressperson In Texas

Beth Van Duyne has her very own pages on the SPLC website.

TX-24, y’all had a choice between choosing the first Afro-Latina person to go to congress or a Trump ass-kisser who is so racist, that she has her very own page on the SPLC website.

Beth Van Duyne, the New Yorker who became mayor of Irving, and is now the elected representative of TX-24; beat out Jade Helm in the Houston Chron’s 2015 Hoax of the Year. The Dallas Observer also dubbing her one of the worst candidates.

You can read our full profile on her HERE.

Get mad and fight back.

TX-24 votes wound up at 165,485 for Van Duyne and 160,842 for Candace Valenzuela. That means she only won by 4,643 votes.

If that doesn’t make you sick enough to your stomach, for the TX-24 election, 12,633 people voted for 3rd party candidates. So glad y’all voted with your conscience and gave Texas a racist idiot in congress.

It’s ok, though. We aren’t going to wallow in this. We’re going to get mad and we’re going to fight her every step of the way.

Follow Indivisible TX-24 and join their group on Facebook for direct actions to fight Van Duyne’s agenda from the first day she gets sworn in.

What should we expect to see from Van Duyne while she’s on office?

She absolutely hates Muslims, expect her to try enact racist legislation that that hurts Muslims while she’s in office.

Expect her to try and strip healthcare away from Texans, as she has promised on her own platform.

Van Duyne holds anti-immigration ideology and supported all of Trump’s racist attacks on asylum seekers from Central and South America.

She’s even against the Voting Rights Act and claims “there is no systemic or intended voter suppression occurring in our state.”

Yep, we’re going to be busy fight this one. Keep an eye on her every move. This is a two year term, we can get through it. In 2022, we’ll have to work hard to get her out. Until then, you can count on Living Blue in Texas to alert you of any and all of her appalling actions. She’s on our radar.

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