Trumpers Are Losing Their Minds Right Now – May Lash Out In Violence

Trumpers Are Losing Their Minds Right Now – May Lash Out In Violence

Pay attention and be vigilant.

Last week we wrote about what the far-right was planning post-election, which included possible violence. As we are now in our third day of counting the votes and it’s becoming more obvious Trump is going to lose, Trumpers all over the country are lashing out and losing their minds, just as we expected them to. To make matters worse, far-right media and even elected officials are both encouraging and stroking this behavior.

Each one of us can think of countless examples how Trumpers have been acting out in violence and killing people all year long, especially people protesting for civil rights. Over 100 cars have drove into protesters, white militias have accosted peaceful protests, and in October there had already been over 200 acts of violence against protesters by Trump people and white supremacists. None of that includes all of the small towns like Gainesville, where police are complicit and refuse to take reports after assaults and threats.

Kudos to Facebook and Twitter…are words no one ever thought they would say.

However, they have done an outstanding job on flagging, deleting, and blocking misinformation, threats of violence, and violent calls to actions. (Finally, right?) Republicans on all platforms are complaining about how their accounts and Facebook groups have been deleted.

If only these social media platforms started doing this way back in 2016, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Private forums, Parler, and MeWe are all still up. There these once extremists, now main-streamers can push misinformation and encourage violence.

On each one of these platforms there are very real call to actions for this coming weekend and over the next several days.


We’re still not linking them, but if you want to see it, all you have to do is add a dot com

They are absolutely fanning the flames with these people who are willing to commit violence for Trump. They get 17 million pageviews per month and here are some of the articles on their home page right now:

Yes, these people are absolutely insane. They are stroking fear and violence by spreading lies, hate, and misinformation. Their readers believe every word they print.

The militias are getting ready.

While we previously have said we wouldn’t link these guys, this it too important for y’all not to see for yourselves. This is from the forum site My Militia. They are talking about calls to action and intended plans.

Here are just some of the forum topics posted in the last 48 hours: DC Call to Action. Write the White House, urging the insurrection act, so they can legally kill people. At what point will we fight, which includes threats to kill Biden and every other Democrat in this country.

Election was a sting operation, this one talks about how the Democratic party has committed treason and the penalty will be death. Patriot call, to coordinate movement into DC. It’s time, they are planning to track movements of protests and feds.

Keyboard warriors or real threats?

In Arizona there have been far-right demonstrations for the last few days and will continue indefinitely. Alex Jones even joined them in Phoenix.

While these Trumpers were out there, police did not shoot tear gas at them or arrest them, as they have done all summer with Black Lives Matter protesters.

In Pennsylvania last night, the police thwarted an attack on the vote counting center. Two men were on their way there, loaded up with plenty of guns. They were planning on killing the vote counters in order to get them to stop counting ballots.

In Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trumpers are planning demonstrations.

The same Trumpers who have spend all year committing violence against peaceful protesters. The same Trumpers who have bought into the hate and lies spread by Infowars. And the same Trumpers who are ready to commit violence and have a civil war.

Right-wing leaders are encouraging Trumpers to come out and demand ballot-counting to stop.

Louie Gohmert was in PA this morning asking for more people to come out to demand the counting stop. Jim Jordan joined him. Even Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz have jumped on the “Democrats are trying to steal the election,” ship. It’s irresponsible and if there winds up being violence the blood will be on their hands as much as anyone else’s.

What now?

Pay attention and be vigilant. Know that these crazies are out there. There isn’t going to be a quiet end to this. And it’s likely this unrest may go on for weeks. Biden is going to be our next presidents and Trump will be out, don’t expect the Trump cult to take it well.

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