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Congressional Candidate Trey J. Hunt Announces Intent To Run for TX-12 In 2022

On November 22, 2020 in Fort Worth, TX, Trey J. Hunt, A current MHMR Outreach Specialist and community activist announced his intention to run for the Texas’ 12th Congressional District as a Democrat.

Hunt, former staff in the 2020 Democratic Campaign of Dr. Lisa Welch, whom also ran for TX-12, explains, “I am proud to have worked on a great campaign but disappointed by the results of the election. I feel there is so much untapped potential in the 12th that current Congressional leadership squanders. I started my non-profit Another Hand to address the food insecurity in the area that the current leadership has 24 years to address.”

“After earning my Master’s in Criminal Justice from Texas Christian University and now during my time pursuing a Master’s in Sociology from the University of North Texas; I realized that there are serious structural issues that many of our institutions should feel the need to take progressive leadership to reform those institutions. I see this growing polarization in American politics as a pitfall that leads to partisan legislation that leads to inefficiency in Congress which has spilt into creating an inefficient society.

Hunt states his four primary goals.

Criminal Justice Reform – Reform in the criminal justice system can save the taxpayer money and effectively rehabilitate the convicted, so they return as productive members of society instead of being chained to a brutal punitive system that drains the soul and the taxpayers’ wallet. Real rehabilitation and transitional support for the convicted, so we have economically viable members of our society. We will stop the revolving door and punitive system so that the taxpayer does not lose money. We can bring in new tax revenue by bringing people back into the workforce.

Public Transportation – As cities become more congested, wasting productivity and increasing pollution, we must shift the focus and emphasis on cheap, reliable, and safe public transportation. I envision the federal government diverting funds to military contracts not to build planes and bombs to blow up buses of kids in other countries.

Home Security – As we are reimaging policing, I see the need for community policing and community involvement. I want to support legislation that promotes citizens’ and officers’ relationships and have an optional federal reimbursement program for home security cameras/systems (like Ring) that citizens can sign up for and assist officers in collecting evidence.

Accessible & Affordable Healthcare – The pandemic has shown has the healthcare gap that we have known to be growing in the past few decades. I firmly believe that if we want to see economic growth, we need to make sure our citizens can access affordable healthcare to put them back to work. I have a particular emphasis on increasing the health care options in rural towns and areas of our nation where lack of treatment leads to other avoidable health problems and deaths.

Underscoring his concerns, Hunt emphasizes the importance of supporting term limits on certain Federally elected positions to avoid circumstances where politicians become disconnected from their constituents. Hunt believes that greater accountability and transparency with elected officials is required for the nation to heal and citizens to keep faith in our democracy.


Trey and his wife, Celeste, met during their undergraduate studies at Texas Wesleyan University. They currently reside in Southwest Fort Worth and welcomed their first child Alexander.

The Hunts launched the non-profit Another Hand to provide supplemental food assistance to individuals and families struggling in Weatherford, Waco, Granbury and the DFW metroplex. They have been vital in assisting families whom have been affected by COVID-19.

Trey has worked and volunteered as an educator in a variety of roles including graduate assistant, volunteer, mentor, coach and an assistant instructor in Jiu-Jitsu martial arts. Hunt has also co-founded the program Feeding the Homeless.

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For Inquiries please contact Celeste Pena-Hunt
(817) 900-3645

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