Texas Republicans Are Aiding Trump As He Commits Acts Of Sedition

Texas Republicans Are Aiding Trump As He Commits Acts Of Sedition

And they need to STOP.

To the 5.2 million Democrats in Texas who voted in the 2020 election, if you weren’t already aware…Your elected officials hate you. After what we have witnessed over these last four years and especially over these last few weeks, we can no longer say that the Republicans are simply just a party who holds different ideological views than us. They are committing acts of sedition and they are traitors.

conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch

How is their behavior sedition?

These elected officials are deliberately sowing seeds of doubt by promoting false claims about the integrity of the election in attempts to undermine and disqualify it. There is a very real and active disinformation campaign that is happening. There are Trump loyalists here in Texas, (and around the country), who have been spreading lies online, on Fox, OAN, and other far-right leaning media. Many of these loyalists have been talking about “protecting the integrity of the election,” but what they mean is having ballots in states Trump lost thrown out, so they can overturn the will of the people.

Trump has been riling up his most extreme supporters, which has been leading to violence like we saw in DC last weekend, and the countless encounters all over the country which show right wing protesters willingness to commit violence.

What Trump is doing is alarming. We aren’t the only ones saying this, either. Check out this New York Times article about how Trump is trying to subvert the elections. Texas Republicans and Republicans all over the country are enabling Trump, by continuing and further spreading his propaganda.

The oath elected officials took.

Every single one of them placed their hands on a bible and solemnly sweared to support the Constitution of the United States.

These efforts that Trump and loyalists are taking to pressure states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to overturn a legitimate election is not only illegal, it’s unconstitutional.

What we are watching now, in real time, is an unconstitutional seizure of power by a political party. These Republicans, whether we like them or not are our elected officials. They have a responsibility not only to denounce Trump’s behavior, but they should also be telling their constituents, their email lists, and their social media followers that Trump is lying, there is no voter fraud, interference, or cheating and they believe in democracy.

It’s time, we the people, raise the pressure on them.

Below are the Texas Republicans (in no particular order) who are aiding Trump, as well as their contact info. Y’all know what to do. Phone calls, emails, social media messages, or pigeon carrier. Let them know, you’re a Texan, you vote, their behavior is not ok, and they need to stop.

Ronny Jackson, TX-13.

This is Ronny Jackson’s first time in office. He has the audacity to call himself a patriotic American, when in fact he is aggressively partaking in the efforts to tear this country apart. His narrative is dangerous and a complete embarrassment to Texas.

Here is what he tweeted just last night:

The problem with that tweet, (other than the big red disclaimer at the bottom), is that even one the right’s favorite white nationalists, Tucker Carlson, went on air last night calling that press conference bullshit, saying there was no proof.

Pinned to the very top of Ronny Jackson’s Twitter account is a tweet which says, “If you support Donald Trump, sign this petition. We MUST protect the White House from a Socialist Steal!” Underneath is a picture of Biden, next to a communist flag. Over the flag it says, “Stop Joe Biden’s Socialist Steal.”

WTF is wrong with this idiot? It’s like the Red-Scare 2020. Joe Biden, a socialist? This apparent doctor doesn’t even know what a socialist is, neither do the morons who voted for him if any of them think that centrist, moderate, old, white man Joe is a fucking socialist.

Jackson might be the biggest Trump loyalist in Texas.

We all need to be reaching out to Ronny Jackson and letting him know this IS NOT OK and he needs to stop the lies, stop trying to tear the country apart, and stop aiding in Trump’s acts of treason and sedition.

You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter, or send him an email.

Lance Gooden, TX-5.

Ignoring the fact that Lance Gooden is a liar who called Proud Boy violence in DC last weekend Antifa violence… And despite the face that his Twitter feed is full of HATRED towards Democrats, (including the 5.2 million Texans that voted blue), Gooden has Tweeted and posted on Facebook multiple times about how there has been voter fraud and Trump should not concede.

You can reach Lance Gooden on Facebook, Twitter, email him, call him at his office in DC at (202) 225-3484, or call his local office in Mesquite at (214) 765-6789.

Brian Babin, TX-36.

Not only has Babin been on social media, aiding Trump in his sedition, he’s also made appearances on Fox and Trump’s right-wing propaganda machine, OAN.

If that wasn’t enough, Babin is planning holding a Trump rally in Jefferson County tomorrow.

To put this into context. Trump has lost the election, there is no evidence of voter fraud, and he is actively committing a coup, he is actively committing sedition. The right thing for Babin to do, would be to put out a public statement calling for Trump to concede. Instead, he’s holding a fucking Trump rally.

On January 21, when they start arresting these un-American bastards for treason and sedition, Brian Babin needs to be on the top of their list.

Brian Babin is reachable through Facebook, Twitter, email, or call one of his multiple offices, in DC (202) 225-1555, Deer Park (832) 780-0966, Orange (409) 883-8075, Woodville (409) 331-8066, or Liberty (832) 780-0966 .

Briscoe Cain, TX HD128.

Not only has Cain been on OAN (yesterday), repeating lies of voter fraud, he also took a trip up to Pennsylvania to help them “get to the bottom” of it.

You can reach Briscoe Cain on Facebook, Twitter, email, or his office at (832) 779-8128.

Since, Brisco Cain is part of Texas 87th Legeslator, he definitely wins an Anti Award© for aiding and abetting in sedition.

Ted Cruz, Texas’ Junior Senator.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Cruz has been one of the loudest voices for extremism over the last few years.

This week, he’s been in senate hearings, grilling the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter on why they are flagging fake news about voter fraud. He’s made himself look like a complete ass, yet his Twitter feed is full of him retweeting videos clips of him being a complete ass.

Truly, if you weren’t aware of how narcissistic and full of himself Cruz was, just go look at his social media. He only tweets or posts about himself, or retweets what others write about him.

Ted Cruz’s information is below, but fair warning, according to Cruz’s constituents, his office is impossible to get through to. Over the years, I myself, have tried no less than 100 times, and I’ve head others say the same thing…no less than 100 times.

It’s possible that Cruz has never had one conversation with a Texas voter during his entire career. Anyway…. here it is.

Twitter, Facebook, email, or call one of his offices in Austin (512) 916-5834, Dallas (214) 599-8749, Houston (713) 718-3057, San Antonio (210) 340-2885, Tyler (903) 593-5130, McAllen (956) 686-7339, or Washington DC (202) 224-5922.

Trump and his actions are still on going. Living Blue in Texas will keep you up to date regarding all of the elected officials who swore an oath to protect democracy. Whether you voted for them or not, they represent you, they work for you….the people. Call them, call them every day, email them, tweet them, send them messages on Facebook and keep spreading the word. We, the people demand our elected officials do your job.

Don’t see your representative on this list? Aren’t sure who your reps are? Find out by going here.

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!


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