Texas GOP Is In Full-Blown Panic Mode And Just Signed-Off On Terrorism

Texas GOP Is In Full-Blown Panic Mode And Just Signed-Off On Terrorism

They’ve gone so far off of the rails, they may never be able to redeem their party.

Less than 72 before the polls close, Republicans in Texas are in full blown panic mode. They just put out the most bat shit, nutso, far from reality statement ever put out by any state Republican party in modern history.

Early Saturday, our good friends Living Blue in Comal County put out information about the organizers and the Trump Train incident that happened in Hays County.

One New Braunfels group calling themselves the Trump Train mostly part of the Ceh family, have been harassing and terrorizing Democrats and the Black and Hispanic communities for months. This last Friday, these Trump Train morons thought it would be a good idea to follow and try to run the Biden/Harris bus off of the road.

Video showed the Trump Train surrounding the bus with pickup trucks, all flying Trump flags, while honing their horns menacingly, riding the bus’s bumper, and swerving into it’s lane.

They were very proud of themselves.

They posted multiple videos of themselves participating in this act, bragged about it on social media, and then blew their lid when the orange one tweeted about it.

Apparently, Texas Tribune reporter, Abby Livingston reached out to The Texas Republican Party for a statement regarding this incident and here is how they responded.

Not only is this Republican party unfit to even govern, they are a threat to democracy. This wasn’t some off the hinges far-right blogger that wrote this. It was the official voice of the Republican party in Texas.

There is no difference anymore between the far-right wingnuts and the Republican establishment.

Living Blue in Texas has spent plenty of time making fun of Texas GOP, because they constantly give us material that writes itself. However, it is frightening to know that there is a portion of our society that support this. It’s anti-democracy and it’s anti-American.

If that wasn’t enough for one day in Q-Land for you, there’s more.

Harris County Republicans file suit to throw out 127,000 votes.

In case you missed it earlier this week, Harris County Republicans held a press conference stating they had proof that Democrats were cheating. They didn’t, but the press conference was incredibly bizarre.

There was a blueprint of a parking lot, a confused girl, a Viking horn, and a half dressed man who rambled for 30 minutes.

Their evidence of cheating was that they saw jaw bones moving and pictures on the Facebook page of a Harris County GOP candidate who also posts pictures of her campaign posters that have been vandalized with pictures of penises on her likeness.

Those are the jokers that filed this suit. They are one brick shy of a load with no legitimate evidence, likely the suit will get thrown out, but the desperation is obvious.

It’ll all be over soon, but expect a big backlash after they lose.

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