There Is STILL Something Wrong With HD126 Rep Sam Harless

There Is STILL Something Wrong With HD126 Rep Sam Harless

Dammit, Sam! I thought we talked about this.

Back in July, you may remember we called out Sam Harless for not wearing a face mask in public…repeatedly. Well, he’s at it again. Coronavirus infections in Texas recently reached 1 million. Nearly 20,000 Texans have died from the disease. Yet, Sam Harless continues to traipse around Harris County swapping germs with his constituents.

This HD126 Rep has been caught repeatedly, on camera, without wearing a mask ever since this pandemic started. How do these anti-science, anti-common sense dummies keep getting elected? HD126, come on. We have to do better.

Just look at this:

But, don’t worry y’all.

It’s mostly only elderly people his exchanging spit particles with. Check him out at the Northwest Forest Republican Women’s Club Meeting.

Are we still wondering why Harris County has the highest coronavirus infections in Texas? Or are we all just assuming it’s because they have the highest population? It is quite possible that coronavirus in Harris County has been raging out of control because of morons like Harless.

This picture above of Harless in a room full of old biddies has so much irony. Besides the fact, that nearly everyone in that room is in the high-risk category, all of those ladies agree with Representative Harless. A woman should have no rights over her own body and no one can make them wear a mask, because it’s their personal choice.

Sad that they’re spending their later years engaged in conspiracies that may likely kill them.

What will you do, Sam, if half your base is dead before the next election?

It’s quite possible that Harless simply doesn’t think ahead. All of his maskless social media photos are with people who were alive during the Great Depression.

I’m not a campaign strategist, but it would seem to me that if you are relying on people who’s first movie theater experience was in black and white to elect you, you’d want them to stick around.

Yet, the Republican logic sets in. Harless will swap air particles with elderly voters on Tuesday and then head over to the elderly Republican women’s meet on Friday to swap air particles with them.

There is just no responsibility.

In 2020, Harless only won by 4,800 votes.

This is a two-year term. Forget about what happened this year HD126, and let’s start looking to the future. In 2022, do you really want another Republican in Austin representing you that completely denies science?

If we can’t trust Harless to wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable populations, how can we trust him to make decisions that affect all of our lives?

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