HD121 Rep Steve Allison’s Bill Makes Great Case For Universal Insurance

HD121 Rep Steve Allison’s Bill Makes Great Case For Universal Insurance

And once again, makes us ask; when are we going to stop calling Republicans fiscally responsible?

Steve Allison is a Republican that does a great job of flying under the radar. This proves it doesn’t matter how quiet or obnoxiously loud you are, there will always be people that vote against their best interests. (Perhaps, someone can let Ted Cruz know, then maybe he’ll shut up.)

I’m in Facebook jail right now, so I’ve been doing the next and most entertaining thing… Browsing newly introduced bills in the Texas house. (Weeeee) I happen to come across a few from Representative Allison. Three to be precise.

What bills?

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H.B. 444. This bill would appropriate $1.2 billion from Texas’ Rainy Day Fund to retired school employees group insurance.

This raises some interesting questions.

There are 1.6 million retired teachers in Texas. Increasing their insurance by $1.2 billion equates to $750 per teacher. Which got me thinking.

  • What is Texas paying now for retired teacher’s insurance?

Retired teachers absolutely should have fantastic insurance. But are we going about this in the most fiscally responsible way?

Luckily for us, the data is already out there.

DataDecision.org estimates that Universal Insurance would save roughly $1,851 per person each year.

That could save Texas $2.9 billion a year. Since it all comes from our taxes in the long run, it’s kind of a no brainer.

Well, I know there are other factors in play, like the people who are not a retired teacher and private insurance. We’re just looking at one piece. However, across the board, countless studies have shown that universal healthcare would save American’s money and make America a more healthy nation.

Texas Republicans ran on cutting taxes for Texans.

Steve Allison is no exception. It really is time for Republicans to stop the stupid rhetoric and trying to scare their constituents that commies are coming for their healthcare. At this point it just makes them look irresponsible and uneducated. Remember this when you vote again.

Yes, Steve Allison gets an Anti Award© for this. We have to start voting for legislators who truly care about doing what’s right for our health and our wallets.

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