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New QAnon Congresswoman Starts Twitter Beef With Dan Crenshaw

For entertainment purposes, let’s hope it continues.

There is nothing I love more than seeing these dumbasses going at each other. Today, Marjorie Greene and Dan Crenshaw gave us all some quality entertainment. Trump is about to be out. Democrats will have the House and the next two years might be awfully interesting if they keep this up.

I’m posting screenshots in case this little quarrel gets deleted, but you can see the start of the back and forth here.

Crenshaw starts out, “If Trump loses, he loses.” Then he goes on to talk about bullshit fraud that the wing-nuts have all been parroting the last few days.

Then this dummy responds, “This loser mindset is how Democrats win.”

Crenshaw Tweets back as if he were tweeting at a small child. Then flat out disrespected her.

Did you even read past the first sentence?

Or are you purposely lying so you can talk tough?

You’re a member of Congress now, Marjorie. Start acting like one

He didn’t say, Congresswoman-Elect Greene or Miss Greene, he called her by her first name. Hahahhaha. Reminded her she was a member of Congress now and told her to act like it.

This is absolutely delicious.

She had to try and save face, though.

She said that the Republican base is sick and tired of weakness coming from Congress.


We can all accuse Dan Crenshaw of a lot of things… having no morals, being a corporate shill, not giving a shit about his constituents, drowning in corruptness… but weak?

That may be a first for ol’ Dan, considering he was a Navy Seal who’s eyeball was blown-up in Afghanistan. Greene may be the first person to ever call him weak.

Poor Marjorie Greene.

She’s has a really hard first week as NW Georgia’s Congresswoman-elect.

Twitter keeps deleting all of her lies censoring her posts, so she hasn’t been able to get out all of her Q-Anon bullshit to her followers.

Maybe she’ll join Ted Cruz’s bandwagon as a newly avowed anti-Capitalist and start crying about big-tech, too.

This election didn’t turn out the way we wanted it, but it’ll be moments like these over the next two years that will make us laugh.

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