Marvin Sutton, Wants To Bring Trust Back to the City of Arlington

Marvin Sutton, Wants To Bring Trust Back to the City of Arlington

Marvin Sutton is a candidate we can all get behind.

Arlington has long been known as fun-central and for years has been marketed as DFW’s entertainment hub. For the citizens of Arlington, there’s a lot more to worry about than if the Cowboys will be playing a home game or if Hurricane Harbor will close early for thunderstorms. With infrastructure, economic growth, and public safety all being hot-button issues in Arlington’s 2021 mayoral election, Marvin Sutton has plans for them all.

As a 20-year resident of Arlington, I was ecstatic to hear that Marvin Sutton would be running for mayor. Currently the Councilman over District 3, I’ve followed Sutton for years on social media and had the chance to speak with him last week regarding his recently announced candidacy.

Who is Marvin Sutton?

Sutton, originally born in Georgia, is a United States Air Force veteran. He served for over seven years, securing nuclear weapons and providing air traffic control services to military aviators. He also is a retired 30-year air-traffic controller.

The picture to your right, that’s Sutton, and that’s the same picture you can see in the Pentagon in Washington D.C. After Veteran Blue gave Sutton a high honor, his portrait was hung in the Pentagon.

Sutton has long been someone in the Arlington community who has been passionate about improving quality of life, donating to local schools and charities, creating a community service day with our local high school, picking up trash in our neighborhoods, assisting citizens with acts of kindness, and coordinating a blood drives

Unlike other candidates who talk the talk, Sutton has a long history of walking the walk. If you live in Southeast Arlington, you may have even seen Sutton more than once helping our elderly residents with yard work or talking to the high schoolers at Bowie. What Arlington residents have been saying about Sutton’s candidacy for mayor is they’re excited, because they know he has a history of working for the community.

Arlington citizen’s number one concern when voting for mayor.

While Arlington citizens have plenty of concerns, I asked Sutton what he thought was Arlington’s number one concern when they go to the voting booth in May.

“Credibility. I think there’s a lot of concern and people think that the city is giving money away to millionaires. That’s why the people voted for term limits, they saw some city council members sitting up there for years, and it didn’t seem like they were working for the people.”

This is true. Term limits in Arlington passed just a few years ago and are the reason that now mayor, Jeff Williams, is unable to run for mayor again. Williams, as did Robert Cluck, the mayor before him, did a lot to bring the Cowboys stadium here, get the Rangers to stay, and revitalize downtown Arlington, but if you live in South Arlington you may be wondering, what they ever did for your side of town.

Marvin Sutton doesn’t have any secret millionaire ties.

Sutton’s primary motivation is to serve the interest of Arlington’s citizens. Therefore, he does not hold an ownership interest or have an association with any businesses that would benefit from city contracts. Marvin is accountable, open and transparent, and believes these traits should mirror the city council. 

Unlike other candidates or previous mayors, you’ll never have to worry about Sutton side-stepping Arlington residents to make deals with millionaires. He is someone who is genuine and cares for his community.

So, I asked him.

What will make Arlington better?

Jobs, for one. Arlington has long been known as a great place to live, but a terrible place to work. Being a town with tourist attractions brings a lot of jobs, but it doesn’t always bring the highest paying jobs.

“I’d like to create  medical, research, and tech jobs through public and private partnerships.” Bringing more higher-paying jobs to Arlington is undoubtedly a goal we can all get behind.

“Tech businesses should come to Arlington,” he told me, “to help offset the entertainment district jobs.”

Sutton pointed out to me, we have a tier-one college in Arlington, (something that’s easy to forget if you don’t drive past it or know someone in it). “We can leverage our relationship with UTA for innovation and develop local business enterprises.”


Taxes are always a hot-button issue for Arlington residents. If you ask any homeowner in Arlington, they’ll always tell you that the taxes they pay are too high. Sutton told me about his ideas to bring more commercial into Arlington, which would help offset the high taxes Arlington property owners currently pay.

“Keep property taxes low as we attract and incentivize commercial developments to balance the property tax burden between commercial and residential.”


Another recent concern for Arlington residents has been both high crime and fair and transparent policing. Marvin Sutton would like to create a citizens oversight committee to ensure transparency and accountability in policing. He also believed that a more educated community with better economic opportunities would help impact Arlington’s crime rate.

“Ensure that staffing and equipment are available to meet the growing demands for police services will also make a big impact.”

Marvin Sutton’s experience demonstrates who he is and how hard he’ll work for Arlington.

Before I hung up the phone with Sutton, I asked, what’s the number one reason an Arlington voter should vote for you over your opponent?

He told me, “Not only do I have the desire to make Arlington the best place to live, I also have the knowledge and experience from working on city council.”

Visit Marvin Sutton’s website for more information. Follow him on Facebook for updates and news.

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