Voice Of All That Goes On In Houston, Len Swanson, Paid Visit By FBI

Voice Of All That Goes On In Houston, Len Swanson, Paid Visit By FBI

Harris County Republican Party representative and Viking, threatens to kill Democrats on Facebook, FBI visits him at safe house.

On Wednesday this week, Harris County Republican Party operative, Thomas Moreno posted a video of the FBI paying a visit to the man behind the curtain, Len Swanson. They were there to talk to him about his threats on Facebook of a purge and killing Democrats.

If you missed any of them:

This guy is bat-shit crazy and a stellar example of why we need red-flag laws. Even more so, he is a long time representative of the Harris County Republican Party.

With psychos like him running the show, it’s no wonder why HCRP is in SUCH disarray.

The reason why we refer to him as “the voice of everything that goes on in Houston,” and “the man behind the curtain,” is because those are HIS very own claims.

Last month’s fight with misguided youth.

If you missed it last night, Len Swanson and a group of his flunkies nearly got into a bar room brawl with the executives of the Houston Young Republicans. The police were called and when Swanson spoke to officers he said, “First of all, I’m Len Swanson and I am your (mumbled drunken slur) backer. OK? And they. Everybody should know who I am.” Then followed that with, “I am the voice here, of all that goes on in Houston.”

You can read more about that almost brawl and see the video where he said that, HERE.

The FBI visit.

Here is the video and breakdown.

As the video starts out, it’s obvious that this high-level Republican operative must be in a safe-house of some sort, because there is no furniture other than a wicker chair and a 1995 TV in the living room of a tiny little apartment.

As the video starts out, the FBI tells Swanson thy are there because of a Facebook post. To that, he chuckled.

Swanson said, “You’re not the first that has contacted me, as you can imagine.”

He goes on, “The bottom line is we are patriots first, not extremists. We’re here to provide our own level of protection. From our own intel, we know, based on what’s happening right now, between the president declaring himself the victor and Biden declaring himself the victor.”

“And what we have in the courts right now, we are expecting a positive result from the 5th circuit court in Louisiana. That will disembowel the 120,000 votes we’ve been documenting.” (Yes, he said disembowel)

What’s he talking about?

Last week he and banana-man, (HCRP Chair, Keith Nielsen), put on an incoherent and completely BONKERS press conference that said they could prove voter fraud by the Democrats. Except there was no proof. His “proof” was this awesome drawing of the Toyota Center’s parking lot:

The man behind the curtain is two bricks shy of a load. As apparent from the HCRP press conference they held last week, he is the face of the Harris County Republican Party.

He blubbers on.

“I’m not an anarchist,” he tells them, “Do we have a following that are prepared to put down any contingencies, knowing the federal forces are here, especially if he enacts the insurrection act, which we are anticipating he will do, to prevent the nation from going bat-shit crazy… Our intel says they’re pissed off that they weren’t successful in burning Houston, that their going to come out to the commercial communities.”

Now is probably a good time to remind everyone that Len Swanson is one of the organizers of the Houston rally against face masks, thinks the coronavirus is a hoax, and has called for an armed insurrection against Greg Abbott. More so, he has publicly stated that there is a Texas Veterans Militia which is actively hunting Muslims. 

The FBI agent said, “we just want to make sure you’re not a threat to yourself or anyone else.”

Which is followed by Swanson stating:

  • He served this nation for over 40 years.
  • He’s a Vietnam vet.
  • We took an oath of office against all enemies foreign and domestic.
  • We’re on the same side.
  • He is a Viking.
  • He’s dying from agent orange.
  • That he doesn’t care if he puts his life at risk.
  • They have trained over 100 militia in Nacogdoches.
  • Then he said, “I just want you to understand I am not a threat to myself.”

No shit. No one thinks this psycho is a threat to himself. It’s everyone else, we should be worried about. Now only is this guy mentally unstable, but he has repeatedly spoke about violence against others.

Swanson went on to tell that he was in a Trump Train a few days back and they were attacked. We’ve looked around for evidence of this and have not been able to find any.

He’s a high-level Antifa target.

According to Swanson, BLM and Antifa have been messing with him, tracking him. They’ve also been intimidating their females. Their females? I wonder if they came from Mitt Romney’s binder full of women.

Not only is this guy insane, he’s also extremely paranoid, and he’s ready to kill people. He’s on the FBI’s radar now, hopefully they’ll keep a close eye on him. No one should be surprised if he kills a random innocent person sometime in the near future.

Why it matters? He is the literal face of the Harris County Republican Party. This is who the Republicans are in Texas. Violent, delusional, paranoid, and full of hate.

This election cycle, they may have won the battle, but they won’t win the war. Which is why Democrats need to keep fighting to push Texas blue.

Militias, like the one Swanson is in, have been acting outside the law in Texas for decades.

READ, SIGN & SHARE this petition calling on Gov. Abbott to order local officials to enforce state laws already on the books, and disband these unlawful militias: http://chng.it/5wWM86QG

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