Ken Paxton Blocked Me On Twitter, Which Violates The 1st Amendment

Ken Paxton Blocked Me On Twitter, Which Violates The 1st Amendment

I’m going to do everything I can to get him to unblock me.

This is one of the most hilarious interactions I’ve had with an elected official, yet. As it turns out, @KenPaxtonTX has a great sense of humor. Who would have thought, right? Ken Paxton blocked me on Twitter. Not because I was threatening him or inciting people to break the law, no. Ken Paxton blocked me because I gleefully joked about him blocking someone else and then said “Fuck @KenPaxtonTX.”

Here is the tweet that started everything:

Živilee is someone who I follow on Twitter. He was first blocked by the AG. The reason?

He told Paxton that he was going to prison. This was shortly after the FBI announced their investigation of Paxton.

What did I do?

I responded just as any true-blooded Texan would have.

I said, “If I were you, I’d print that screenshot out, frame it, and hang it in my home like a badge of honor. Fuck @KenPaxtonTX.” … So, Ken Paxton blocked me. 😂

Who knew that Crooked Ken had a sense of humor? It still makes me laugh.

Here’s the thing, though. Federal Courts have already ruled that elected officials who use their social media accounts for official business CANNOT block their constituents.

Even though I see it as a badge of honor to trigger our snowflake AG and even though it was a humorous way that it happened, I am still a Texas citizen and Ken Paxton is still the Attorney General. By blocking me from seeing and communicating with his tweets, he is violating my first amendment rights.

Now what?

This morning I wrote Ken Paxton an email that said:

To A.G. Paxton, 

I am a Texas resident and it has come to my attention that you have recently blocked me on Twitter. 

This came about because a friend of mine tweeted he was blocked by you, then I responded by saying, “If I were you, I’d screenshot it, print it out, and then hang it in my home like a badge of honor. Fuck @KenPaxtonTX.”

Hilarious. Really. Who would have thought you had a sense of humor? I laughed about this for days. I shared it all over Twitter, most found it equally funny. 

That being said, according to the ACLU, you are violating my first amendment rights by blocking me from seeing your announcements or news and communicating with you. My username on Twitter is @LivingBlueTX I would appreciate it if you unblocked me so that I may continue to know the information my elected representative is putting out there. 

Thank you. 

Getting Ken Paxton to unblock me on Twitter will be a fun adventure. If I don’t hear back from his office or get unblocked, perhaps I will send a certified letter next. After that? We’ll see.

Paxton is a Texas Republican. This means he thinks that the laws don’t apply to him and he doesn’t have to answer to the people of Texas. He’s wrong. As was demonstrated by the 5.2 million people in Texas who voted for Democrats in 2020, we are tired of Republican’s shit.

And, I for one, don’t plan on taking it anymore. Stay tuned for updates.

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