We Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do

We Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do

Hate an inequality are still thriving in Texas.

The majority of Texas voters voted for Trump. That means 5,838,217 of our friends, family and neighbors voted for hate, sexism, bigotry, inequality, and mostly against their own interests.

Over 238,000 Americans have died from Covid this year. Hundreds of children were put in cages, hundreds more were never reunited with their parents. In Texas, three out of every ten adults are uninsured. We’ve had the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. And we’ve seen a sharp rise in white supremacy over the last few years.

Yet, 5.8 million Texans voted for that.


Some of them are rich and only care about themselves. Starving children aren’t important to everyone. Some of them are deeply racist. Trump aligns with their ideology. Some of them have been lied to by Fox News and Breitbart and legitimately believe that poor people don’t deserve healthcare.

Biden will still likely win.

It’s looking like Biden will likely win, by a very narrow margin. For the states that have been called by the AP, thus far Biden has 238 electoral votes and Trump has 214.

We’re still waiting on final counts from Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia

The talking heads are all saying that North Carolina will go to Trump.

Georgia really is an unknown right now, it could go either way. 

The rest of those states will go to Biden. If that’s how it plays out, Trump is out and Biden is in. That’s one thing that we really wanted and will likely get. It’ll be a big win. 

A blue Texas?

Not this year. It’s ok to be heartbroken, right now, but we can’t give up. We have to fight harder. Texas is purple, it’s been purple for a while. Our voter turnout this year was astounding. We need to keep turning out for state and local elections.  

We don’t give up, we fight harder. 

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Don’t forget!

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