Trump Train New Braunfels: The Klan Rides Again

Trump Train New Braunfels: The Klan Rides Again

One family has made hate and harassment their mission.

Nestled in the Hill Country is the picturesque town of New Braunfels. The old German settlement is home to a popular water park, beautiful hiking areas, and a former KKK Grand Dragon. Recently, the city has also become home to the Ceh family, transplants from Nevada who have positioned themselves as leaders in the battle of “good vs evil” in this growing central Texas city.

The family made their first media appearance in the summer, when local citizens staged a peaceful BLM gathering in the center of town. Steve and Randi Ceh showed up with several armed supporters to “protect” the town. Their friends made statements on social media (see screenshot) to harass local BLM supporters.

The couple insisted they were there in peace, but the guns and social media posts said otherwise.

After the “success” of their BLM protest, the couple decided to organize a “Trump Train” for NB. What started as a small gathering of goons with trucks and flags turned into a full fledged KKK style parade that locked down traffic while people were trying to get home from work. People of color in town changed worked schedules or their route home so they would not be subjected to the Thursday night harassment from the NB Trump Train.

The NB Trump Train has told Hispanics to “go back where you came from”.

They have yelled the N word and nearly run over a Black couple in the Buccees parking lot. The Ceh family’s NB Trump Train allowed a member to drag a BLM flag under their truck, and even proudly made it part of their weekly video.

The racism escalated further when a NB Trump Train member randomly chose four Black men from the community to intimidate. He posted their pictures in the train’s members only Facebook group and urged members to carry and watch for these men.

Not content to just lock down the city streets and harass people as they drive home, the NB Trump Train has decided to harass local business owners for mask mandates.

On Friday, October 30th, the NB Trump Train decided to set their sites on Kamala Harris. The Ceh family has made their disdain for a successful Black woman very clear.

The family directed their Train members to wait on the side of the highway for the Biden Harris bus as it entered Comal County. They then proceeded to box the bus in and follow it, forcing the bus to abandon a stop in San Marcos as it would be too dangerous to do so.

The Ceh family claims they won’t stop after the election. Even after all they have done, they still claim to be the persecuted ones. Wah wah.

Living Blue in Comal County is a spin-off of Living Blue in Texas and an independent group fighting for a better world in Comal County. Make sure to like and follow them on Facebook.

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