13.1 Million Registered Texas Voters STILL Haven’t Voted

13.1 Million Registered Texas Voters STILL Haven’t Voted

This just won’t do. GET OUT TO THE POLLS ALREADY!

As of 7pm on Sunday October 18, 2020, according to GitHub’s U.S. Elections Project, only 3.8 million people in Texas have voted so far. 3,881,004, to be precise. This is no good. We have 16.9 million voters in Texas, so that means 13.1 of y’all still haven’t made it out.

According to the AP, thus far, Democrats have been outvoting Republicans 2:1, but that could change at any minute. We aren’t safe until every one casts their vote.

This is the year that Texas could save the world and it all depends on your vote.

It’s been said time and time again, Biden can lose Texas and still become president, but if Trump loses Texas, his goose is cooked. Meaning, if Texas goes for Biden, Biden wins. Period.

If Biden becomes the president, America is saved from certain doom. If America is saved, the world is saved. You can save the world by voting. So…why haven’t you voted yet?

Do you know what else has been said, time and time again?

Texas isn’t a red state, it’s a non-voting state.

We don’t deserve words of encouragement, because of y’all who didn’t think it was important to show up the last times. In case you haven’t been paying attention, historically, Texas has had one of the lowest percentages of voters that turn out in America.

That’s the reason why Texans are suffering. The Red Republican Texas has put profits over people and corruption over morality for far too long. We are broke, jobs don’t pay the cost of living, rural healthcare in Texas is gone, hundreds of people every year are still dying with out healthcare, and extreme fundamentalists are running our state and local governments.

Wooo boy!! Have we learned our lesson.

With 12 days still left to early vote and 16 days until election day, Texas has really shown up. Yes, we only have had 3.8 million voters so far, but that is 43.2% of all of the people who voted in 2016.

According to GitHub’s U.S. Elections Project, the only state beating us with the percentage of turn out is Vermont. Yeah, Vermont.

Are you going to let Vermont beat you?

Texas, come on. We’re talking about people swish through the ski slopes of Vermont’s high priced ski resorts. All of their homes are covered in doilies, they eat homemade jam from hippies, and every single one of them resides in a haunted houses. Are we Texans really going to let anyone from Vermont beat us?

Nope. We’re Texans. Y’all know what that means. Get to the polls. You have 12 days left to early vote and 16 days left to save the world. Seriously. Go.

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