Man Pulled Gun On Crowd After Vigil For Murdered Black Man

Man Pulled Gun On Crowd After Vigil For Murdered Black Man

And police kept him safe as he made his escape away from the angry crowd.

Last night was the candlelight vigil for Jonathan Price in Wolfe City, TX. It was peaceful. Not only was it peaceful, but it was also beautiful. There were several amazing speakers that gave emotional and moving presentations. These speakers addressed the crowd for nearly an hour. They lit candles, they prayed, they sang, and the crowd was full of people of every race. In fact, of all of these rallies, we’ve seen in North Texas over this last year, this may have been one of the largest turnouts I’ve ever seen. Easily, there were 300 people out there last night. 

It really was beautiful. 

Everyone was there, McKinney Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell, Dallas Activist Dominique Alexander, Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt, and many more. Smash Da Topic Breaking News was on the scene, as was Jessica Luther Rummel

After the vigil was over, the crowd lingered on the street socializing in groups, then eventually making their way to the intersection about a block away. 

During that time, Jessica spotted a familiar face from Gainesville. In fact, this man saw her and said, “How’s it going, Jessica?” So, Jessica stopped and chatted with him a minute. He said he was looking for his friend Tanesha, who was a friend of Jonathan’s, and he was there for Jonathan. It was later discovered that this man was Ron England, a Sherman resident.

Was that true? Doubtful. Throughout the entire night, no Tanesha ever came to his side, and he is seen multiple times in crowds of white dudes standing around. Jessica remembered that England had already been previously identified as a Proud Boy. 

After the initial exchange between the two of them, England walked over to a group of other white men standing around. 

Jessica followed him to have a quick chat. 

The men asked Jessica if she was going to be peaceful. She said, “Are you thinking people are here to start trouble?” The men responded, “No, and it better stay that way.” 

Jessica said to England, “You’re an admitted Proud Boy.” To that, England responded, “I’m an admitted Proud Boy? Hell Yeah.” 

Then his short buddy stepped in and said, “Let me ask you something, is a Proud Boy a racist?”

Jessica said, “To the T.” Then he replied, “OK, explain to me why half of the Proud Bous are African American.” In the meanwhile, England joins in and says, “Where’s your goon squad at?” 

England’s buddy kept pushing Jessica to answer why half of the Proud Boys are Black, so Jessica asked, “Are you a Proud Boy?” The green shirt guy said, “I would love to be a Proud Boy, but I’m not. I’m something else.”

WTF was he talking about. 

Last week there was an article on the far-right extremist website, The Washington Times, which talked about some moron named Enrique Tarrio, who is apparently a Black Proud Boy. Lord, sometimes there just aren’t enough words. 

Some random idiot being a Black Proud Boy doesn’t disprove the Proud Boys being a racist organization the same way that Candice Owens doesn’t prove the Republican Party is for equal rights. 

Jessica walked away as they yelled at her she was an instigator and just there to start trouble. But she walked away because the night was for Jonathan Price and his memory. 

Behind the scenes. 

There were multiple live streams going. All of them being watched in monitored in a group of people who were coordinating with each other as well as communicating with other individuals on the ground not live streaming. 

I’m not sure what exactly transpired if it was the communication network, or just people being aware of their surroundings, but the group occupying the intersection was alerted to the racists standing on the corner within feet from them.

That’s when all hell broke loose. 

At first Black protesters started gathering around the Proud Boys, (there were only five). Dominique Alexander was speaking on the bullhorn and told the group, “leave them alone, that’s what they want, just ignore them.”

Emotions were high. These men and women came out to celebrate the life of yet another unarmed Black man stolen by police.

Yeah, emotions were high. And these racist pieces of crap showed up to the candlelight vigil of a murdered Black man, with guns, to “keep an eye on things.” Of course, emotions were high. 

(Side note: Jessica said on her video that the Proud Boys were proud of themselves because they have one Black dude with them. However, another video later discovered that the Black man standing with them was a state police officer who just happened to be there talking to them at the moment.)

There was so much shouting it was hard to understand what everyone was saying. Then the man with missing front teeth took his long arm which he had on his shoulder, swung it around to the front, and placed his finger on the trigger.

This really upset the crowd. 

Several men were trying to get at the hillbilly who was holding the gun and the idiot just stood his ground, for at least 30 seconds, before he turned to walk away. The man kept leisurely strolling away as if he was smelling the flowers and there weren’t 50 people ready to pound his face in at that moment.  

And as all of these situations go, police were nowhere to be found. 

The man kept going, with the coaxing by his buddies, eventually made his way down the street to his car. That’s around the time the police finally showed up. Jessica, Coucilman Shemwell, and many others were telling the police officers what happened. The police made a barrier between the jackass and the crowd. Emotions were still high.

The police did not arrest him. They took his information and let him drive away. 

Jonathan Price, who was unarmed and Black, was shot and killed two blocks away from that very spot. Yet, just two nights after that happened, a white man pulls a gun on a group of people, and police let him drive away. This is what justice in America looks like. 

The good news, though, is that last night after this all happened, the cop who murdered Jonathan Price was arrested, charged with murder, and given a 1 million dollar bond. 

After police kill unarmed citizens, they should be arrested and prosecuted. Even though the murderer’s arrest is what should have happened, for Jonathan’s family, nothing will heal the pain of his death.

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