Houston Young Republicans Executives Almost Brawl With Old Republicans

Houston Young Republicans Executives Almost Brawl With Old Republicans

I hope you have enough popcorn for this one. 

At last week’s VP debate, the Executive Board of the Houston Young Republicans (HYR) gathered in a bar to have a debate party. What unfolded was a clash of egos between drama queens. They called each other slurs like, “RINO, Democrat, and Snowflake.” Ultimately, someone called the police to file a false report and old Republicans were chased away. The entire night was later documented on Facebook and YouTube. 

Credit: Kenny Wolfman

This YouTube video was posted by Kenny Wolfman, the guy in the stupid looking hat, he’s on team old-timers.

While I’m sure the Houston Young Republicans have an equal amount of social media posts about the incident, they all know how to use their privacy settings (most of them), unlike their elder counterparts. 

The event happened at Fuego’s Saloon in Houston and starts with Len Swanson.

Do y’all remember this guy? We wrote about him back in July, regarding all of the in-fighting that the Harris County GOP was experiencing.

This guy is a certifiable nut job, and this video only proves it more. He is one of the organizers of the Houston rally against face masks, thinks the coronavirus is a hoax and has called for an armed insurrection against Greg Abbott. More so, he has publicly stated that there is a Texas Veterans Militia which is actively hunting Muslims. 

His Facebook page is public, where you can find all of this yourself. Not only is he nuttier than a fruit cake, but his statements of violence also show that he is possibly dangerous.

Here he is with all of his militia buddies talking about how November 4 will be a day of purge. 

The beginning of the video shows Len Swanson, already drunk and heavily slurring his words. Before 1 minute in, there are people yelling at Swanson telling him to settle down so they could hear the debate. The text in the video was, “Len was being rowdy, but amusing. And Chase flips out.” 

Rowdy, but amusing? I wish the old GOP would stop demonstrating how even though they are grown with grandchildren, their minds never matured after the age of 12. Chase Bradstreet is the Houston Young Republicans communications director. 

Then they voted on resolving an issue. 

What issue? Who knows, wing flavor, putting a muzzle on Swanson, jukebox songs, it’s unclear. Then Daniel Blaylock, HYR political director, is seen talking to Swanson in very close range, without a mask. Swanson was slurring his words so badly at this point it was hard to understand much of what he was saying. 

Then Sonny Khatua butts in and says, “We’ll make this simple, throw us out.” Haha, what? Khatua is a Harris County Precinct Chair. We don’t know what’s wrong with him, but we strongly condemn making fun of anyone with a disability, as is seen in the video later on. 

We don’t know why Khatua wanted the old-timer group to be thrown out, but Swanson responded by saying, “You don’t know the power that I have, but you’re going to find out, Blaylock.”

If you are wondering what power, it’s mostly smoke and loudspeakers. 

Blaylock tells Swanson “you’re being loud and disruptive, go flex your power somewhere else.” To that, Swanson responded, “If you want me gone, you’re gonna have to get the bar to throw me out.” 

James Rains, Houston Young Republicans president emeritus, joins in telling Swanson and his flunkies to “get the fuck out.” Thomas Moreno, another one of the old-timers, tells everyone in HYR to “shut the fuck up.”

They go back and forth telling each other to fuck off for about ten minutes. Swanson starts calling everyone in the bar wearing a mask a RINO, and not real republicans. As if believing in public health and hating civil rights were mutually exclusive. 

The HYR go and get the bar staff to assist in throwing all the old-timers out. When the bar staff asked what the problem was, Moreno responded, “these guys are snowflakes.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Republican party. 

Eventually, the president of Houston Young Republicans, Matthew Wiltshire, gets involved. Wilshire doesn’t use contractions when he speaks, which makes him sound very pretentious, “I do not. I will not. I have not.” Then he threatens to call the manager. 

This is when Khatua mentions the people who called him an “autistic asshole.” Because that’s what Republicans do. I could probably think of a million names to call these people, based on their political beliefs and behaviors, but making fun of someone’s disability is never ok. 

During this conversation, while they were having a pick sides debate, Swanson butts in and says, “This is how Democrats react.” Haha. What?

No, honey, Democrats act nothing like that. We don’t go around name-calling, we don’t put other people’s lives at risk by not wearing masks, and we don’t think that being rude is okay just because other people find it amusing. 

While that was transpiring, notice there was a male Karen standing behind them and listening to their entire conversation.

As they all break up and Bradstreet hollers across the bar in 12-year-old girl fashion, “you need better friends,” the video picks up on the male Karen making a phone call.

Who was he calling? The police, of course. 

Luckily for these lily-white Republicans, they don’t live by the code, “snitches get stitches,” or else Karen would have been trouble. 

As the elderly Republicans were leaving, they arrested the cameraman with the stupid hat, Kenny Wolfman. He was accused of punching someone.

Did he? As dumb as Republicans are, they still probably know better than to record themselves committing a crime. Since he was the cameraman of this encounter, whether he did or not is undetermined. 

Wolfman blurts out as he’s being put in handcuffs, “I do not consent to a search.”

The police officer says, “Bro, did I ask you that?”

Sure sounds a lot like Wolfman was concerned about something possibly illegal on his person or in his car. Meth? Crack? Or perhaps polaroids of the old Republican women? We may never know. 

Then Swanson gives what most people would describe as a narcissistic monologue to the police letting them know they are in the presence of royalty. 

“First of all, I’m Len Swanson and I am your (mumbled drunken slur) backer. OK? And they. Everybody should know who I am. We were accosted in there by misguided youth and we agreed to leave. That’s the end of the discussion.”

Len Swanson – The Man Behind Houston’s Curtains

“We are not the culprits here, we’re being falsely accused,” Swanson told the police, followed by, “Remember, I am the voice here, of all that goes on in Houston.”

Wow. Houston has a population of 2.3 million people, I wonder if they all know that Len Swanson is controlling the strings and all of the rest of them are mere puppets. 

These guys don’t have a whole lot to do, because Houston is blue. After the next election when the rest of Texas turns blue, they are going to be twice as bored. And while all of Texas will be grateful that they will have very little sway in politics, we can continue to look forward to the entertainment their shenanigans provide for us.

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