Harris County Republicans To Hold Super Spreader Event

Harris County Republicans To Hold Super Spreader Event

They’re still pretending science isn’t real.

The joker you see in the picture above is Keith Nielsen, Harris County Republican’s very own Chair. While it’s unclear if Nielsen will be at this event, it is clear what the Harris County GOP thinks about the coronavirus. Originally reported by Bay Area Houston, Harris County Republicans will be holding a super spreader event on Sunday, November 1 at the Bayou Event Center in Houston.

The host of the event is a man of 1,000 faces, Chris Daniel, who is running against Ann Harris Bennett for Harris County Tax Assessor. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, but I bet you’re wondering why he’s the man of 1,000 faces. Here’s why:

He doesn’t look the same in any of his pictures.

Who is Chris Daniel?

He recently posted a video on his Facebook talking about how taxes have been over assessed during the global pandemic. Daniel talks on the video as if the coronavirus was a real thing…but he’s still hosting a super spreader event.

Since the balance of power is shifting soon and we’re all feeling great about it, I want to share some positivity about Harris County GOP Circus.

In recent months, there has been a battle brewing between Millennials and Gen-Zers. The battle is about the proper angle to hold a camera when taking a video selfie. Millennials say camera facing down, Gen-Z says eye-level. I happen to agree with Millennials, so does Chris Daniel.

Let’s all give Chris Daniel a round of applause for finding that perfect and slimming camera angle.

Who else will be at the super spreader event?

Nutcase, Randy Weber, TX CD14. If he sounds familiar, but can’t put your thumb on it, Weber is the legislator who recently tweeted how he was proud of Ivanka’s beans. Cook Politics is saying Weber’s seat is safe this cycle, but with a Blue tsunami pending, stranger things have happened.

Mary Nan Huffman, who the man behind the curtain warmly refers to as “Mary Nanna.” She’s most memorable for posting pictures of herself, on her own Facebook, with a penis drawn on her face.

And, none other than the 1984 winner of Miss Venezuela, Carmen Montiel.

No need to worry, Republicans are secretly planning a socialist coup. Miss 1984 Venezuela has been living in Texas and completely brainwashed in the fascist ideas of the Conservative party. Now, she travels around to Republican events warning people of the effects of socialism. Her speeches usually start out with, “Hello, let me tell you about the evil that will happen if everyone gets healthcare.”

They’ll be entertained by one of the Bachelorette rejects.

James McCoy Taylor was on the 12th season of the Bachelorette and eliminated in the seventh week. Sorry Bluers, I know nothing about that show or Texas country music. I know how passionately we all tend to love or hate certain reality stars. If you don’t know who he is either, here is a clip of his time on The Bachelorette.

To be fair, he might not even be a Republican. He could just be there for a paycheck.

Also expected to show their smiling face is the youthful GOP hope of unseating Sheila Jackson Lee, Wendell Champion.

Other candidates include Judge Jesse McClure, HD 138 Rep Lacey Hull, and five other GOP hopefuls.

What about the coronavirus?

They’re Republicans, anti-science, anti-mask, and pro-freedumb. They aren’t concerned about pesky little things like a highly contagious, communicable disease that might kill them. Pffft, even the thought of it gives them tiny little snowflake chills.

When they get together at their super spreader event this weekend, will they wear masks? Will they be sick in seven to ten days? Will they be responsible for a sudden spike in coronavirus cases within the Harris County GOP? All this and more, next week on Keeping Up With The HCRP!!

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