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Harris County Republicans Put On Circus – Call It Press Conference

It may have been one of the most unhinged press conferences ever held in Texas.

On Wednesday, October 21, Harris County Republicans held a press conference. If you live in the Harris County area, you may have caught it on Fox 26. If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat, because there’s a whole lot to unpack here.

This particular video features none other than the man behind the curtain, Len Swanson. The video was 42 minutes long, but I couldn’t look away.

They were also joined by local real estate activist, Jessica Teachout, (she was the one in the Carmen Sandiego hat), a man who blew a Viking horn, and his girlfriend who just looked lost the entire time

Swanson even shared the stage momentarily with the Harris County GOP Chair, Keith Nielsen.

Yeah, that guy. The one who said “Democrats were going to seal the election.”

Check out the video or scroll below it for a breakdown.

The man behind the curtain is only half dressed and starts the conference off talking about Covid.

I’m not going to knock him. He probably learned how to dress back in the 1970s and that’s just how people dressed back then.

Swanson said that “they” are using the fear of Covid to drive unjustly people’s concerns about being able to vote safely.

He then goes on to talk about how Democrats have weaponized the voting system.

Swanson says that they have private investigators who have been put into positions of poll workers and poll watchers, and they caught “them.”

The words “they” and “them” are used in his press conference often, although it is unclear who “them” and “they” are.

“Mary Nanna has put on her Facebook page pictures of the poll judge, in a drive through, actually processing 30 drivers licenses.”

Len Swanson

The guy behind him.

Very early on in the video, you notice the man behind Swanson, because he keeps clinching his jaws and looking around rapidly. That guy was Thomas Moreno, he was recently spotted in the Young Republicans VS Old Republicans almost brawl. That night, he was the guy shouting at everyone to “shut the fuck up.”

We should never jump to judgements about anyone and there could have been many reasons why Moreno was fidgety and clenching his jaws repeatedly. According to his Facebook page, he’s a cage fighter, so it may just be pent-up aggression. 🤔

Swanson continues.

“As a poll judge myself, we know that there is many ways that you can bypass…I’m not going to say bypass, but the system as has work-arounds, manual work arounds, because of different considerations.”

LOL…what? It’s just unreal that a spokesperson for the Harris County Republican Party would go on TV and publicly say that because he was a poll judge, he knows how to bypass the system. Was he implying that he knows how to commit voter fraud? It’s unclear, much like his point.

Jessica Teachout.

Swanson, then said that one of their poll workers, who was harassed (he didn’t say why), documented, and made a podcast regarding the supposed voter fraud. I looked everywhere for a podcast from this woman, I was unable to find one. When her name is Googled all that comes up is her real estate company.

Before Jessica takes the mic, Swanson adds, “It’s kind of like Makaveli. The ends justify the means. That is the philosophy of the Democrats.” Funny, I never would have thought that the man behind the curtain was a Tupac fan.

He continued, (even though he had already introduced Jessica Teachout), “well actually, we call Democrats, socialists. They’re so Trump Deranged Syndrome, that they don’t care if they break the law.”

Trump Deranged Syndrome, haha, which is what every person on that platform had during this circus.

By this point, he still had provided no proof or evidence of voter fraud. Swanson is trying to sow doubt in the election . Why? Because he chooses party over country. He’s going to be real upset when Republicans lose Texas.

He finally gives the mic to Teachout.

Oh, these people and their ugly hats. It must be something in the Harris County Republican party, because so many of them have such stupid looking hats. Remember ugly hat guy from the almost brawl?

She pulls out a diagram chart blueprint of the parking lot for the Toyota Center, where the drive through voting was taking place.

“This is what the parking spaces in the Toyota Center parking garage look like, and anyone can drive up to them,” she starts out.

Teachout goes on to introduce herself as an activist in the community. However, I was unable to find anything online related to her activism work. She said she purposely signed up as a clerk to get more of a behind the scene look at our local elections.

Teachout then asserts that she witnessed illegal activity during her time as a poll worker. Then she quoted Bill Barr. Yes, the same corrupt asshole who pretends to be the AG, while he only does dirty deeds for the orange one.

What’s her problem?

Teachout said that the red flags at polls are related to privacy, security, and inexperienced precinct judges who are maliciously and incorrectly training poll workers. She also said these judges are turning their heads the other way when the law is being broken.

7 minutes into the video, still no proof or evidence. Then she finally tells us the smoking gun.

Jaw bones. Yes, jaw bones. She said she was able to tell people were talking because she saw their jaw bones.

Swanson then interrupts and says, “By the Democrats allowing, one, two, three, four, five, and more, then all of those people in the car are being able vote. Well, yeah they can vote, but they need to get out of the car.”

He goes on, “This is how you can do ballot harvesting. By bringing in people and guiding them. That’s illegal. It’s a one to five year sentence if convicted.

No one knows what either one of them are talking about.

About ten minutes in, Swanson introduces Keith Nielsen up to the mic.

Nielsen came up and said it was clear that voter fraud was happening. Even though, they still have provided no evidence at this point other than a drawing a a parking lot and Teachout saying she saw jaw bones.

But, here is what we do know. By 10 minutes into the video, these Republican Party representatives admitted to taking pictures of polling places, which is illegal. They also admitted to having Republican operatives infiltrate the voting process, which sounds an awful lot like conspiracy to commit voter fraud and/or suppression.

Coincidently, the Harris County Republicans lawsuit to stop drive through voting was tossed out this week. It looks like they tried to commit voter suppression through the courts, that didn’t work for them, so now they are making up stories about non-existent voter fraud.

What a train wreck.

Swanson then went on to give a 10 minute monologue of gibberish. He would start a sentence, then interrupt himself and say something else. None of what he said was clear and concise.

The only thing that was clear is that he was accusing the Democrats of conspiracy to commit voter fraud, which he learned by having undercover Republican operatives infiltrate polling locations, and he still has no proof of.

There’s a reason why Fox was the only media outlets to cover this nonsense.

The reporter finally starts asking questions about 20 minutes in, to try and understand wtf Swanson was talking about. Then, Swanson claimed that there are people out there who are purchasing drivers licenses and then bringing them to Democratic election judges, then those judges are committing voter fraud.

Then, he says there are pictures of it.

Will we finally see evidence?

Don’t hold your breath. Swanson then took out his phone and showed everyone a picture on Mary Nan Huffman’s Facebook page.

Who, you ask? Mary Nan Huffman. She’s the Republican candidate running against Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney. Don’t feel bad if you never heard of her, the Fox news affiliate reporter never heard of her either.

I went to Huffman’s Facebook page looking for these supposed photos.

Wow. When I say these people are a circus, every moment just gets better and better. Here is the picture, below, with the allegations. While her Facebook post, much like the circus of a press conference by Harris County Republicans, doesn’t prove jack shit; it was one of the least interesting things on her page.

Allegations from an anonymous party and a picture that literally could be from anywhere, including Huffman’s own house, included with pictures of her political opponent.

Voter fraud? This looks more like a conspiracy contrived by Huffman and Swanson, Nielsen, and Teachout were just the accomplices willing to make themselves the public face.

More bullshit.

What else can you find on Huffman’s page?

The most interesting thing I noticed about this woman’s page is aside from the pictures of herself and those with her friends, most of the people who’s pictures she has on her page are people of color.

Huffman makes an awful lot of posts highlighting Black and brown criminals. Then she throws in a few pictures of Black police officers here and there. It’s almost like she was making a conscientious effort to show Republican voters she’ll crack down on criminals of color, but also she isn’t racist, because look, here’s a picture of a Black police officer. It’s weird.

But my most favorite was this post:

That’s some funny shit, right there. 😂😂😂

Swanson admits to breaking the law.

26 minutes in the reporters questioned him about the legality of taking pictures at a polling place. He said, “Of course that’s breaking the law, but that was the only way we were going to be able to catch them.”

It’s possible that they didn’t completely think out this plan before executing it. How do you know a Republican is lying? He’s moving his mouth.

This entire press conference and the multiple stories they told are so convoluted only a moron would believe them.

What’s up with the chick in the background?

At first I thought she was possibly Teachout’s daughter, but nope. As it turns out, her name is Sandra Maywald and she’s Thomas Moreno’s girlfriend.

Bless her poor little heart. She spent the entire time making faces that could be described no other way than confused. She was there, but it didn’t look like she had any idea what was going on.

Don’t worry, Sandy. No one else watching that press conference knew what the hell they were talking about, either.

Then the most funniest thing happened.

38 minutes in Thomas Morena comes back and then leads a prayer for voter fraud…??? Then, he blew a Viking horn. Yes, seriously. 🤔

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Harris County Republican Party.


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