Harris County GOP Chair Sends Email Full Of Spelling Errors

Harris County GOP Chair Sends Email Full Of Spelling Errors

We should never make fun of anyone’s mistakes… Unless they are outed racists.

Keith Nielsen, outed racist and Harris County GOP Chair sent an email to Harris County Republicans this last weekend. It was full of errors that one glance-over should have found.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But, Michelle, we’ve seen an error or two on your blog before. That’s true. Sometimes I change a sentence and have an extra ‘the’ in there, once I meant to write ‘scandal’ and accidentally wrote ‘sandal.’ The funniest of all, is the time I meant to write ‘adiós’ and wrote ‘audios.’

Usually, what happens after that is a reader emails me or comments on social media, “proof!”

Errors happen.

However, Keith Nielson has staffers working for him who could have given the email a once over. Just one other set of eyes would have noticed these errors. What errors? Check it out.

Notice anything?

How about now?

In whatever program or software Nielsen wrote this email in, there was undoubtedly a spell-check. It may have not caught all of these errors, but it should have caught “Unfortunily.”

Squiggly red line = Spelling error.

Keith Nielson has already dug his HEELS into Harris County GOP.

If y’all remember, back in June, Nielsen shared a racist post on Facebook. The post was an MLK quote next to a banana. This prompted elected officials like Greg Abbott, Dan Crenshaw, and Ted Cruz to speak out about this and denounce racism in the Republican party. To which, the entire state laughed, because we all knew without racists in the Republican party, there would be no party left. 

At first, Nielsen said he would resign. But after the troops of white ignorance rallied around him, he reneged his intentions of resigning.

Since the initial incident, Keith Neilson has filled up his social media page with pictures of him and Black people. You know, the age-old, I’m not racist, I once had a black person at my house defense.

Keith Nielsen has SEALED the fate of Harris County GOP.

Sealed as in to fasten or close. Not like in Nielsen’s email where he says, “do not let them seal it from us.” 😂 (That really cracks me up)

The right-leaning online publication, Big Jolly Times, published an article last week that highlighted the Harris County GOP’s financial troubles. Since Keith Nielsen took over as Harris County GOP Chair, they have only raised $2,770. To put that in perspective, at the same time, Harris County Democrats raised $231,904. 😱

If there are Republicans calling a person racist, you know they have to be REALLY racist. That’s the case with the Harris County GOP Chair. However, we live in a time where the extreme-right and Donald Trump have taken over the Republican party, and racism has become more acceptable for the wing-nuts of the right.

When you live in an area that is already as blue as Houston is, most Republicans have moved more to the center-right. This is a big reason why there is so much in-fighting within the Harris County GOP. The far-right and the center-right in Harris County have ideology clashes.

Harris County is only going to get bluer.

As Lincoln Republicans and never-Trumpers are abandoning the Republican principals of hate and bigotry, the racists and the RWNJs will be left to stand alone.

Living Blue will be here with popcorn and screenshots to watch it all unfold. 🍿🍿

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