Gainesville Fire Department Lieutenant Pilcher Openly Uses N-Word

Gainesville Fire Department Lieutenant Pilcher Openly Uses N-Word

And he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with saying it. 

Gainesville Fire Department Lieutenant Ross Pilcher recently attended a boys weekend with a bunch of his buddies. It was a bachelor’s party/ hunting trip. On the group chat, right before they were headed out, Lieutenant Pilcher found it appropriate to say in their group chat, “Hurry your n***** ass up.” 

Yep, he said that. Except for the n-word he used wasn’t censored.

Not everyone in the group was ok with what was said. A few of them vocalized that using that word was not ok. 

Lieutenant Pilcher, even after scolded, didn’t see the problem. He thought the most appropriate immediate response would be to post a picture of his truck, which had a Trump flag attached to the back of it. 

Can someone explain this?

It’s almost like, Ross Pilcher thought by posting a picture showing his support for Trump, it would somehow explain why he thought saying the n-word was appropriate.

It’s almost like a primitive way Pilcher was trying to communicate to his hunting buddies that he thought using the n-word is okay if you’re a Trump supporter. 

“Me Ross. Me racist. Me love Trump.”

To which, one of the other guys in the chat told him that supporting Trump doesn’t make you racist, but saying the n-word does. 

But racists only live in small towns like Gainesville.

Lieutenant Pilcher then said in the group chat, “OK using the “n” word towards a white man is racist. Makes complete sense.”

Yes, he put the n in quotations when saying “n-word.”

How do you make it 30ish years in America and not know that is an extremely offensive word, whether you say it to a white person or a person of color?

It’s not over. 

One of the guys in the chat was from a bigger city and Pilcher said, “Now I understand why you live there.” Implying that living in a smaller town makes it ok to use racial slurs.

Lieutenant Ross Pilcher is a government employee.

More specifically, he works for the Gainesville city government. Considering in recent months, Black activists in Gainesville have had problems with both city the county government employees; it’s unsurprising that they would have a person who doesn’t understand the problem with using racial slurs on their payroll.

The pro-Confederates in Gainesville and Cooke County want everyone to believe that there wasn’t racism in their town before Jessica Luther Rummel blew in and cast a spell on everyone making them illogically angry…for calling them, racists.

Yet, time and time again, we see local government employees acting in racist ways. Are they really that oblivious?

It’s time for racism in Gainesville, Texas to slither back into the dark holes of oblivion, where they belong. That’s why Gainesville residents are calling for the resignation or firing of Fire Department Lieutenant Ross Pilcher.

Racism is not ok and should not be used as an excuse for political affiliation or for comradery with other white folks. 

To read more about Lieutenant Pilcher, see the full-text messages, or make your voice heard; use and follow either #GforWhat and #noexcuse on Facebook and Twitter.

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