Pay Attention To The Far-Right And Their Plans Post-Election

Pay Attention To The Far-Right And Their Plans Post-Election

Be aware, be ready, and hope for the best.

Back in August, we published a story about how hate groups and white supremacists were gearing up for a civil war. Through the chatters of Facebook and far-right-wing blogs, we learned how these groups have been saying that the day of reckoning will be November 4, the day after the election…regardless of who wins.

Now that the election is only 6 days away, it’s important to pay attention and be aware of what’s happening in our country, state, and towns.

I found myself on the Q side of the internet a few days ago.

While not intentional, I wound up there, anyway. These people are legitimately planning to fight imaginary enemies and we all should be aware of this.

A few months ago, after the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, Facebook began cracking down on far-right groups that promote Q-conspiracies and white militias. Over a period of a few weeks, thousands of far-right groups and people were purged from the site. While Facebook didn’t even come close to catching them all, the ones that they did catch began migrating off of the site.

While initially this created some problems for watchdogs, the dust has settled a little and the platforms they moved to are mostly being monitored now. That’s how I got to “that side” of the internet.

The far-right has reverted back to forums.

They’re also using MeWe, Parlor, and various other off-brand social sites.

There are multiple forum sites. I’m not going to link them because fuck them. But I was made aware of several forum posts going around which were talking about preparation for the election.

The Texas Militia, specifically, is doing a mass training exercise in Colmesneil, TX this coming weekend. Colmesneil is in Tyler County, way out in the middle of nowhere.

They stated that the purpose of this exercise was to prepare for “the leftist domestic terrorists will be ramping up their widespread rioting, looting, and arson after the November 3rd elections.

The cited source of their claims. Infowars.

Another interesting statement they posted in their recruitment effort, “We don’t care if you have a permit to carry a concealed handgun or not and we don’t do criminal history background checks but you must own and bring a rifle larger than a .22 rimfire.” Marinate on that a little.

Have you ever read Infowars before? I try to stay away from it because it’s fucking Infowars, but I read this post. Again, I’m not linking them, because fuck Infowars, but if you want to look them up the title of the article is, “LIKELY TIMELINE OF EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE FROM SEP. 20 TO JAN. 20, COVERING VACCINES, SCOTUS, ELECTION DAY, MARKETS, TERRORISM & INSURRECTION.” (No Oxford comma.)

Here is a snippet of what they are saying will happen on election day:

They are setting the tone.

Ted Cruz and other far-right nutjobs are already pushing this “Big Tech Censorship” crap. They’re angry that fake-news is being blocked from Twitter and Facebook. They’re so mad about it, that Cruz and was caught on C-SPAN posturing for the cameras this morning in an attack on a private company’s policies.

There is so much idiocrasy in what Cruz pulled this morning, there’s no point in further rehashing his new position against capitalism. (If you missed that post last week, you can find it here.)

Fake news and far-right lies are what gave us Trump in the first place during the 2016 election.

After Zuckerberg was fined $5 billion, due to Facebook’s role in Russia’s attack on America’s elections, “big tech” wasn’t going to let that happen again. Social media platforms have really cracked down on the spread of fake news and disinformation. Unfortunately, for Republicans, that hits them the hardest.

Infowars knows this, but they are using it to sow doubt in the would-be truth that is coming if Biden wins. In turn, they are spreading this misinformation to the millions of monthly viewers their website gets.

The type of people that read Infowars also believe it’s a truthful source of information. The far-right, the Texas Militia, white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and everyone else that falls in that category eats it up like it’s truth.

That isn’t the worst of it.

They say that Democrats will target key US infrastructure.

They didn’t say leftists or Antifa, they said Democrats. Not only is that stupid, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. Over the summer, we’ve seen one peaceful protest after another being met with violent and armed white people who harass, threaten, and assault people simply just exercising their first amendment rights.

In almost every single one of these cases, the reasoning that these far-right people thought appropriate to accost groups peacefully assembling, was because they thought these groups were going to burn down their town. They heard busloads of Antifa were being shipped into their town. They believe people who hold progressive values to be their enemy. Why? Because they heard it on Fox or OAN, or they read it on Infowars.

Trump, Alex Jones, Ted Cruz, and every other far-right character has been pushing this narrative for months. Democrats are the enemy. Now, we know on militia forums, they are training to kill the enemy based on these people’s words.

It goes on.

The lunacy of it would be funny if there weren’t armed militias preparing to likely attack peaceful protesters after the election.

We’ve all seen that the far-right is violent and in many cases looking to hurt people. Far-right groups have been behind nearly every domestic terror attack in 2020. Starting with the George Floyd uprising in Minneapolis and continuing on from there, the far-right is to blame for most of the violence that has happened in America during the 2020 Civil Rights Movement.

Now, it’s clear that these mainstream far-right media outlets are grooming these people for violence, it likely won’t stop anytime soon.

They don’t know the difference between a riot and a peaceful protest.

We know this to be a fact, as we have seen them show up to commit violence against peaceful protesters all year long.

The protests that we are currently seeing as part of the 2020 Civil Rights Movement are not going to stop after the election.

The majority of these protests have nothing to do with the elections. Protests have been about police brutality, confederate statues, and equality. If Biden wins on November 3, those things won’t magically come on November 4. They won’t magically come on January 20th, either. It will happen over time as protests continue pushing for what they want.

Unfortunately, too many Trumpers believe that the protests happening in America now is because the left is unhappy with Trump. We are, but that’s not why millions have taken to the streets.

What will happen?

I’m not a psychic, so I don’t know for sure, but I spend plenty of time plugged into both politics, civil rights issues, and I pay enough attention to the other side.

Biden wins. Protests continue because they were never about Trump. White supremacists and militias will be furious, likely far-right media will say Democrats stole the election by cheating, causing these far-righters to inflict violence on peaceful protesters.

Trump wins. Ignoring the implications of what that means for America in the long run. Just looking at what happens immediately after, protests will continue. Not only will they continue, but the numbers will also likely grow, because everything that is being protested right now, racism and injustice, is the hallmark of who Trump is. Boldened by Trump’s win, white supremacists and militia will take to the streets to inflict violence on peaceful protesters.

It may already be too late for preventative measures.

Yesterday, Vice News published an article that stated that experts say America is on the verge of large-scale political violence and a civil war has already begun.

A recent report put out by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) and MilitiaWatch determined Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Oregon to be at high risk for increased militia activity leading up to and following the election. 

The joint report also said North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, California, and New Mexico are at a moderate risk to experience active militias.

What can we do now?

The most important thing you can do is be aware. In Texas, guns and ammo have been sold out or in short supply for months. However, stocking up on essentials, like canned goods and toilet paper may not be a bad idea.

In Texas, Abbott has already called to deploy the Texas National Guard to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio in preparation for possible election day or post-election violence. This is one of the very few decisions that Abbott has made that I agree with.

If large-scale violence happens, don’t expect it to last long. Despite the fact that these dumbass militias think they’re well-armed and ready for a civil war; they can’t outgun or outman the U.S. Military. Any type of violent uprising the far-right is planning won’t last long. They’ll all be arrested for whatever they do.

We’ll get through it. Be aware, be ready, and hope for the best.

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