F*** You Greg Abbott

F*** You Greg Abbott

Still sucking up to your orange god. Texas is fed up. 

If you missed the news late this afternoon, Greg Abbott is restricting absentee ballot drop off locations. Yep. He said, “Screw you Texas, I don’t want you to vote.”

This is the most important election in your life. You have to vote. Not only do you have to vote, but you need to make sure that everyone you know is voting. So much is at stake on a federal level and even more, is at stake at the state level. If you know “non-political people”, you need to be talking to them about how much they could lose, how much worse it can get. 

Just last night, the racist in chief last night told his moron army to stand by. You know the same army that has been talking about starting a civil war for the last few months. Joe Biden is polling ahead in almost every state, INCLUDING TEXAS. 

Texas has 38 electoral votes. Joe Biden could win many other states, lose Texas, and still win the presidency. But, if Trump loses Texas, that’s it for him. 

Why do you think Abbott is trying to stop people from voting? IF DEMOCRATS ACTUALLY SHOW UP TO VOTE, WE WIN. PERIOD. Texas wins. America wins. The world wins. Y’all, we could actually save the world. 

If Biden wins Texas, that will probably mean MJ wins Cornyn’s seat. That +1 senate seats for Democrats. Texas demographics are changing. Greg Abbott has to rely on voter suppression tactics to keep Republicans in power.

This is a desperate move. LULAC is filing a lawsuit. I imagine multiple other civil rights groups will be doing the same.  

Everything is at stake. 

In the 2018 midterm elections, there were 19.9 million people who were of voting age. Of those, 15.7 million were registered to vote. Out of the 15.7 million people registered, only 8.3 million actually showed up to vote. Greg Abbott won by 1 million, Dan Patrick won by 400K, Ken Paxton by 300K, Ted Cruz by 200K, and that entire difference echoed down-ballot. In nearly every race, Republicans won by a few hundred thousand, but rarely more than a million. 

In a race where many Texas seats were lost by a few hundred thousand, 11.6 million Texans who could have voted, didn’t vote. 

Greg Abbott has plans on running for president in 2024. He can’t do that if he loses Texas this year. Abbott wants to help big businesses get rich, while Texans remain without healthcare. He wants poor people to die of Covid-19, and he doesn’t give two shits about you. 

He’s scared. Which should show everyone exactly what is at stake. 

We all need to come to the understanding that these aren’t normal times. You know the hatred the right has towards poor people, women, and people of color. What do you think will happen if they win and there is no one there to stop them? 

You literally have 3 days left to register to vote. VOTE EARLY! It starts in 11 days.

Contact Greg Abbott’s office and let him know what an asshole he is.

You can contact him HERE.

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