Highschool Football Game Turns Into Trump Rally, Racist Display

Highschool Football Game Turns Into Trump Rally, Racist Display

Denton ISD is investigating. 

This last Friday night at the Denton Guyer Wildcats Football game against Mansfield Lake Ridge Highschool, things got way out of control. As Mansfield’s band stood on the field, the Denton students screamed racial, homophobic, and sexist slurs at the opposing team. The Denton students also allegedly made threats of violence towards both Black students and the band director. 

Eye witness accounts say that the Guyer Wildcats were all clustered together, not social distancing, while they wave Trump flags and yelled, “Lynch that n****!” and “Kill yourself!”

This group of young Trumpers also shouted at the color guards, calling them, “whores, sluts, and fa***ts.” No parents or administrators intervened. 

Denton Guyer has a history of bad behavior. 

This was far from the first time that Denton Guyer has been accused of bad behavior. Just the week before, at another football game, Guyer displayed completely inappropriate signs for a high school football game. 

In an open letter posted by Deb Armintor, Denton City Councilwoman, she said: 

“My kids heard about this on the internet. They are angry about it too, and not surprised. They have been telling me for several years that Guyer has a reputation among kids at other DISD schools as a school with a disproportionate number of “white, racist, Trumpy, mean rich kids.”  I have assured them that not everyone there is like that, but this story says to me that there’s a serious cultural problem there that goes beyond even this horrific incident. That is terrifying to me for the BIPOC kids who go there, and for the teachers and staff who stand against such behaviors and are trying to teach in an environment like this. I am outraged for our neighbors and the children who have been traumatized by this experience.”

Deb Armintor – Denton City Councilwoman

She also listed these quotes made by Mansfield Lake Ridge Highschool Parents: 

“My daughter is in color guard she was extremely upset at what was said to the color guard. She said that the people were using racial slurs towards them and were telling them to go kill themselves. This is out of control.”

“My boys are in the band and yes they heard the N-word, along with homophobic slurs, and go kill yourself. I am extremely hurt and upset our kids were subjected to this I know some kids were in tears what a shame.

“I asked my son if this was being said on the football field and my son said yes. He said they were telling them they sucked so bad they should just kill themselves. They used racial slurs, talked about their moms, and used profanity on the field.”

“This is my child’s second year she plays clarinet. She came home crying that really broke me as a mom!! All I could do was listen. We have to let our voices be heard LOUD or it will be another story falling on Deaf ears!!!”

“My son is the male on the color guard and was upset with the things that were said to him. It’s unbelievable this type of behavior has not been stopped by Guyer Administration.”

“My daughter is a Freshman and I was so excited she finally was able to experience her first away games as a member of the band. I’m so sad that this is how she will remember it. We definitely need to make sure the appropriate people know. I don’t understand….”

“My daughter is a Varsity Cheerleader, and told us last night how they were saying the “N” word and other horrible things as well.”

“The students (Blue Crew” were yelling to the band kids in the pit saying things about lynching and using the n-word, several kids ended up in tears. I’m so heartbroken for them.”

What is most interesting in Armintor’s Facebook post is the number of comments underneath it, that agree that Denton Guyer has long had a reputation of racism. 

Initially, Denton came out, saying there was no evidence and they would investigate it. We all understand that Texas has plenty of Republicans and those Republicans teach their children their own values. However, ever since Trump publicly refuses to denounce white supremacy, it’s safe to say what Trump and his supporter’s values are. 

The fact that these children were all wearing Trump paraphernalia and waving Trump flags has absolutely no place at a high school football game. If you want to teach your kid to be racist, more power to you, but responsible parenting means you should also teach your children that open racism can come with consequences. 

Today, Denton Guyer principal apologized for his student’s behavior. However, if this has been a problem for a long time at Denton Guyer, as many have reported, this probably could have been stopped before it even began. 

These students should have consequences. Perhaps it’s time for Guyer to implement some type of education within their normal curriculum that teaches racial equality because it’s obvious these kids aren’t learning it at home.

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