Denton County Dems react to Early Voting’s Day 1

Denton County Dems react to Early Voting’s Day 1

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — The Denton County Democratic Party (DCDP) is excited about the large turnout of voters on Day 1 of Early Voting.

Stated Dr. Anjelita Cadena, DCDP chair, “This election cycle is significant. We get to vote on whether we want to return to truth, facts, science, integrity and honesty and to have a government that makes an effort to provide equal justice for all.”

Denton County has seen much growth in the past four years, with the total number of registered voters at 564,595, a 20.6% increase from 2016.  This increase plays only a small part in the record-breaking numbers for the first day of early voting; another factor is increased motivation among voters about the election’s outcome.

 “In the last presidential election, 2016, Denton County voters cast 16,955 votes on Day 1; today, we had 35,944 votes cast on Day one, a 112% increase in Early Voting by person,” Cadena said. “In 2016, we saw 5,031 mail-in/absentee ballots by the first day of early voting; this year, the Denton County Elections Administration has already received 13,953 ballots — a 177% increase. All said, this has been the year to have our voices heard.”

The Denton County Democratic Party has the goal of promoting Democratic ideals and values within our communities through grassroots organization and education.

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