These Are The Days Of Our Lives – Republican Edition

These Are The Days Of Our Lives – Republican Edition

They are having a complete meltdown, in real-time, and they’re making it completely public.

As long as Texas Republicans continue to be a disorderly and chaotic bunch, they will continue to provide us all an endless source of entertainment. This week’s episode is filled with scandal, betrayal, a love-triangle, and if we dig deep enough, there may even be murder mystery lurking about. This week’s Republican narrator is Jason Vaughn, the policy director for the Texas Young Republicans.

The Texas Young Republicans are the state group and while affiliated with, are comprised of different people than the Houston Young Republicans. You may remember that last week, Living Blue in Texas covered a dramatic scene in a Houston bar when the misguided youth of HYR nearly beat up some drunk senior citizens.

This week’s eyebrow-raising statemen’s came directly from Vaughn’s Facebook page. Check it out:

What is he talking about?

Well, first of all, as you probably are already well aware of, the Texas Republican Party has to engage in every voter suppression tactic they can think of to win. It’s the reason they’ve held Texas for so many years. It’s also been the reason they loved Greg Abbott because he has made a career trying to keep Black and Hispanic people from voting. This year, due to the coronavirus, Abbott extended early voting.

Boy, oh boy, did this piss his base off.

On September 23, 2020, the Texas Republican Party sued the Texas Republican Governor, because he extended early voting. They wanted to bring it to a halt because if more people vote, the right loses. The lawsuit is led by new Texas Republican Chairman, Allen West. I wonder if they’re still happy they voted for him.

Who was screaming at an empty mansion?

New state loon, Allen West, old state loon, Sid Miller, and other Republican nut-jobs like Matt Rinaldi, Don Huffines, Rick Green, and Michael Quinn Sullivan.

They were protesting Abbott’s tyranny. Hahaha. Yes, his tyranny. The only problem is he wasn’t home.

Poor Greg Abbott. The left hates him, now the right hates him, too. He doesn’t have any friends, anymore. Just kidding he’s still friends with all of those millionaires and billionaires he sold legislative favors to.

However, there is no question about it, Abbott is out in 2022. The silly right thinks another Republican will replace him. The rest of us know better.

An SREC member and former congressional candidate endorsed a Democrat.

Yep. This endorsement comes from Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch, she is an elected Republican Executive Committeeperson of SD19. She endorsed Ryan Guillen, the sitting rep of HD31.

Why? If you read her long endorsement, she says he speaks Spanish, she knows his mom, he’s been endorsed by oil and gas, and he’s pro-life. (Wait is all of that true?) Her paragraphs of explanation are legible, but like the rest of the Republican party, she doesn’t come off as exactly sane. Regardless, he’s a long sitting Democratic Rep and will win again this year.

She got somewhat of a backlash, and she responded in typical Republican fashion, by shouting “cow tits.”

Now, Republicans all over the state are calling for her resignation. 😂

Back to Jason Vaughn’s post.

“Republican county chairs seem to be focused on conspiracy theories and doing things that easily look racist.”

Harris County Chair, Keith Nielson: he’s the asshole who shared an MLK quote next to a banana. Then he tried to show he wasn’t racist by posting pictures of him and black people on his Facebook page.

Dallas County Chair, Rodney Anderson: his Facebook is littered with conspiracy theories. He also thinks he’s funny and is constantly posting racist jokes and memes.

There’s more.

Travis County Chair, Matt Mackowiak: he has swung left. He might not be that bad, in terms of Texas Republicans, but he’s still a Republican. He called Allen West’s lawsuit against Abbott,  “incompetence combined with idiocy.”

Bexar County Chair, John Austin: while I must admit, I was sad to see Cynthia Brehm go, even though she blocked me on both Facebook and Twitter. She provided us endless hours of entertainment with her stupidity and conspiracy theories. Unlike Dr. Endorses Democrats, John Austin is a party loyalist and hasn’t been around long enough to embarrass San Antonio, yet. Here he is supporting soon to be loser, Chip Roy: (Go, Wendy!)

I could go on all day with these, but y’all get the point. The point that the policy director of Texas Young Republicans, Jason Vaughn, was trying to make, is that from Amarillo to Brownsville, the County Republican Party Chairs are either all racist or completely off of their rockers and elbows deep in Q’s butt.

Great point, Jason.

The rest of us are wondering how that happened, but more than that, we’re wondering how no one noticed before. 😂

The rest of Jason’s Vaughn post.

“The Harris County Republican Party has unsurprisingly raised less than $3000 and just sent out a fundraising e-mail I believe was written by an eight year old that doesn’t know spell is a thing.”


“And to top it off Republicans seem to think rallies, parades, and boat shows GOTV in October.”


“I wonder why on earth we might possibly be looking at losing the Texas House?”

Is someone going to tell him?

The Texas House is flipping blue. Period. End stop. That’s not all. The Texas Senate could flip, too. We only have to flip 4 seats to win the State Senate. Make sure you watch out for these Senate Races: Susan Criss from SD11, Shadi Zitoon from SD12, Roland Gutierrez from SD19, and Cesar Blanco from SD29.

Those are the best shots. I hope they all win. Worst case scenario, though, we only flip the House. We still will have a say on the district maps being drawn fairly and Democrats will turn the State Senate blue in 2022.

As of right now, GitHub’s U.S. Election Project is showing 4 million Texans have already voted, which means there are still 12.9 million Texans who haven’t cast their vote yet. If you’re one of them, what are you waiting for? Get to the polls and vote already.

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