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Ted Cruz Openly Takes A Stance Against Capitalism

Because it’s 2020 and why the hell not?

Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. That means that the owner or owners of a business can decide what to do with their own organization. For example, a grocery store can refuse you service if you aren’t wearing shoes and shoe wearing is a store policy. Or a social media platform can refuse to distribute your content if it goes against their terms of service.

And boy, oh boy, that really rubs Cruz the wrong way. Why? Because of the New York Post’s fake news story about Hunter Biden.

Like all rational and mature Republicans do, Cruz took his thoughts to Twitter.

You get the point.

On top of those tweets, he posted about 100 more just like it over the last week. It’s like an acorn dropped on his head and now he’s screaming that the sky is falling. Silly, Ted. Don’t you know that in a Capitalistic society a private company can choose their own terms of service? If one of those terms of service just happens to be not to share fake news, the company is well within their legal right to deny service.

Don’t you all remember when the bakery denied a gay couple a wedding cake because they were bigots? Ted Cruz defended that bakery’s right to bigotry under the guise of religious liberty and…capitalism.

Why is this situation any different in Ted’s mind? Oh, because bigotry is a well-regarded Republican characteristic, just as fake news is a well-regarded Republican asset.

What is all of this commotion about?

Apparently Hunter Biden, who lives in L.A., got on an airplane, flew to Delaware, and dropped his laptop off with a blind computer repair person. He also allegedly drove drunk from the airport to the blind man’s repair shop, where he was able to get a stellar deal of only $85 for the repair service.

From there, somehow the alleged information on Hunter Biden’s laptop made it into the hands of Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani then took it to Fox News. Fox refused to run the story, because they doubted it’s credibility.

Then, Giuliani took it to the New York Post, who did publish the article, even though internally they also questioned the credibility of it. The reporter who wrote it refused to have his name published with it. The sources listed in the article? Rudy Giuliani and Steve fucking Bannon.

More than 50 senior intelligence officials have signed a letter stating that this effort from the New York Post is a classic Russian disinformation campaign.

Now poor Ted is crying that Russia can’t spread disinformation to influence in the 2020 election.

Is Ted Cruz’s memory so short that he doesn’t remember the massive information warfare lodged against American citizens in 2016, ensuring the election of Donald Trump?

Pizzagate, celebrity vampires that eat babies, and all of the other outlandish cyberpropaganda that influenced our elderly, Republican friends, family, and neighbors.

The Republicans ate the disinformation up like it was their third helping of a soup sandwich, they showed up at the polls, and we got Donald Trump.

Is that what Senator Cruz really wants? Another mass disinformation campaign to sway the intellectually challenged in America and get them to keep Trump in office to continue to destroy our country?

Controlling the policies set by a private company isn’t capitalism.

That’s fascism. Or didn’t he know?

Have we reached a point in America where government officials like Trump and Cruz are openly advocating for fascists ideas? It puts a lot of things in perspective when you consider the right’s attacks on people who are anti-fascists.

Maybe someone forgot to tell in that America is based on capitalism.

Cruz just wiggled his way in again in 2018. Cornyn is getting voted out this year. Let’s make sure we dump Cruz once and for all in 2022.

Have you voted yet? If not, get your butt to the polls!!

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