Cooke County Residents Don’t Understand The N-Word Is Wrong

Cooke County Residents Don’t Understand The N-Word Is Wrong

It’s both horrifying and incredibly sad.

This last Sunday night, as PRO Gainesville took their weekly march, they went on a new route. Their destination? Gainesville’s new fire station. That’s when Torrey Henderson, leader of PRO Gainesville spoke about text messages sent by the fire department lieutenant, Ross Pilcher. These text messages contained the use of the n-word.

When Ross was corrected on it, he tried to defend it by posting a picture of a Trump flag, said it wasn’t racist when said to a white man, and insinuated that it was just small town talk. You can see the full text messages, HERE.

We commented, that the fact Pilcher, who is in his 30s, can make it 30ish years in America and not know the n-word was wrong was mind blowing. As it turns out, Pilcher isn’t alone.

White Cooke County residents have come to his defense.

A few months back, when we published Cooke County Government Might Be The Most Racist In Texas, it was a shot directly at the Cooke County commissioners and judge for their spectacle they put on in that August commissioner hearing. Unfortunately, the more we learn about the Gainesville community, the more racism shows up as a community issue, outside of the local government and racist statue.

Cooke County has a Facebook group called Cooke County, Texas RANTS AND RAVES (uncensored). Someone posted the article about Ross Pilcher using the n-word and here were some of the responses:

Yeah, that was their actual responses to a first responder openly using the n-word. The sad part is, according to many in Cooke County, this particular group isn’t the group with the most racists in it. That title is reserved for the Conservative Voice of Cooke County Texas.

How is it that in 2020 these people don’t know the n-word is wrong?

This is a word that has tormented the Black community for centuries and has always been intentionally derogatory. The n-word is historically linked with violence and brutality against Black bodies. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or 80 years old, there isn’t one person living in America today that doesn’t know this is a slur and shouldn’t be used by white people, no matter what the context. defines this word as the most offensive word in the English language.

The n-word is the language of prejudice. All racial and ethnic groups have been victimized by racial slurs; however, no American group has suffered as many racial epithets as Black people. The n-word carries with it much of the hatred and repulsion directed toward the Black community. It is the ultimate expression of white racism and white superiority, no matter who it is said to.

Cooke County’s culture of white supremacy.

Whether it’s their fight over the racist statue, calling in their militia friends from out of town to accost their Black neighbors, or defending the use of the most offensive word in the English language, they are really having a hard time with equality and inclusiveness.

It’s bizarre to many of the people who live outside of Cooke County. Although racism exists and is still prevalent in our society, most people have never witnessed racism to the degree which over shadows this tiny backwoods county in Texas.

Gainesville was labeled the most patriotic city in America. Do we live in a world where racism is considered patriotic?

For reasons like this and all of the other shocking revelations which have come forward in recent months; PRO Gainesville will continue to have support in the community from the non-racists and from all corners of Texas.

Stand tall, PRO Gainesville, you are on the right side of history. Even if we all can’t make it out there on Sunday nights; you have thousands of supporters all over Texas and Oklahoma who stand in solidarity with you.

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