Did You Know There Was A Confederate Youth Camp In Texas?

Did You Know There Was A Confederate Youth Camp In Texas?

And it’s been here for a while. 

I’m asking if you knew this because apparently it’s been here years, and I never knew about it. I was made aware of the Sam Davis Christian Youth Camp, recently by Edward H. Sebesta, Confederate researcher and academic. Although they are disguising themselves as “Christian,” this is no question this camp’s agenda is to teach children racism. This Confederate youth camp is located in Clifton, TX, which is in Bosque County. What these children are being taught here will blow your mind. 

Are there also Hitler youth camps in Texas that we don’t know about?  

These people are literally indoctrinating children into hate groups. They proclaim they are teaching these children “true southern heritage,” but they are NOT teaching history. They are teaching Lost Cause mythology straight out of 1910. 

Check out the video they posted on YouTube: 

The Confederate youth camper handbook. 

On their website, they have their camper handbook available to the public. Holy shit, not only are these people delusional, they are also incredibly racist. They have pages and pages of proclamations that the Civil War and the cause of secession was not slavery, but it was based on northern aggression.

It doesn’t matter what Texas’ Declaration of Secession Papers say or the hundreds of speeches, letters, bills, and other documents that list slavery as the cause. Nope, this is the United Daughters of the Confederacy lies, on steroids. 

In their handbook, for children, they don’t even refer to Black people as Black people, or in period-context, slaves. They flat out call them, “negros.” In fact, they are extremely critical of the abolition of slavery, saying that it led to “negro supremacy, cheating at the polls, and rapes of white women.” They also say that abolition led to the KKK, but seemed to leave out how the founders of the KKK were ex-confederates like Nathan Bedford Forest and six other former officers of the Confederacy. 

To understand what these children are being taught at this youth-camp, here are some snippets from their camper handbook.

Other things that can be found in this handbook include, “social etiquette for gentleman, social etiquette for ladies, ballroom etiquette for gentlemen, ballroom etiquette for ladies, yankee lies, yankee re-education, and songs and hymns dedicated to the Confederacy.”

Who’s behind the Confederate youth camp?

None other than the hate group, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SOCV). The Sons of Confederate Veterans are long known to have ties with the Ku Klux Klan and have surged recently with the rise of anti-racism movements. Recently, the SOCV has been harassing local protesters in Georgetown, who have been protesting for the removal of the Confederate statue on their courthouse lawn. 

The SOCV is using this camp as a recruitment tool, there is no doubt about it. While on the surface, it may seem like they are just a random summer camp with swimming, boating, and fishing, it’s the other activities included that are far from normal. There is a daily cannon salute to the fallen Confederate soldiers and daily history lessons (indoctrination) about how slavery was good and the north was evil. 

They also proclaim that President Abraham Lincoln was one of the most racist leaders of his time and any links between the Confederacy and racism is the fault of the NAACP. 

America, home of the free. 

This is a form of child abuse. Systematically brainwashing children so they become the next generation of white supremacists is harmful to not only society, but to the kids themselves. Yet, these camps are training future generations of racists. 

However, in America, it is perfectly legal and accepted for parents to indoctrinate their children with white supremacist ideology. Most white supremacists learned it at home, anyway. It’s important to understand though, while everyone in America is perfectly free to  practice racism and teach their children to hate because hate speech is protected under the first amendment. 

But, that shouldn’t mean that hate speech comes without consequences. 

The Confederate youth camp only happens one week a year. This year it was canceled, due to coronavirus. However, in Texas, it always takes place at the Three Mountain Retreat in Clifton, which is owned by Stan and Linda Gary. It’s surprising to find that both the Sam Davis Christian Youth Camp and the Three Mountain Retreat, both have Facebooks with multiple 5-star reviews.  

The Three Mountain Retreat also has a lot of 5-star reviews on Google is even a member of the local chamber of commerce. Apparently, Clifton’s chamber of commerce allows businesses to have a membership, even when participating in white supremacist activity. I wonder if the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan also has a membership with the Clifton Chamber of Commerce. 

The City of Clifton also lists the Three Mountain Retreat as a place to stay while you’re in town. I wonder if they’re aware of what’s happening on that property. 

In 2020, it’s time for America’s love of white supremacy and Confederate worship to end. As long as hate groups are able to thrive and recruit new generations, the racism in America won’t stop. 

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