Angela Paxton Is The Dipshit Of The Week

Angela Paxton Is The Dipshit Of The Week

Texas District 8 Senator Angela Paxton graduated from ‘Dipshit of the Day.’

In a week where we saw not just the President of the United States and his wife test positive for COVID-19, but many others in his Administration as well as prominent Republicans and elected officials, we see our local Republicans exhibiting the same behaviors.

It could be that the White House Rose Garden ceremony where Trump announced the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was a super-spreader event, since many prominent Republicans who attended have now tested positive for COVID-19. Trump may have spread COVID-19 himself, as he went to a fund raiser and a rally in the days after the debate on September 29th.

Super spreader event

On Thursday, October 1st, the Golden Corridor Republican Women club, a Collin County-based club for Republican Women, held what could very well be our own local super-spreader event. Moderated by Collin County’s Senator Angela Paxton (wife of thrice felony-indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton, now accused of corruption and bribe-taking by his own staff), the event featured lots of mugging for the camera, a panel sitting together, and a large room with chairs inexplicably placed close together. There were no masks in sight – at all. Included on the panel were McKinney Council Member and self-styled macho guy Frederick Frazier, and Collin County Constable, Precinct 3, Sammy Knapp.

Do these people not understand that we are in the midst of a pandemic? A disease that is transmissible via aerosol droplets spread merely by breathing, let alone speaking loudly? Both the CDC and Texas Dept of Health and Human Services recommend 1. Wearing a face mask, 2. Maintaining at least 6 feet of distance, 3. Avoiding gatherings, or holding meetings outdoors. These people are doing none of that. If anyone of those gentlemen standing next to Senator Paxton is COVID-19 positive, she will likely be infected. And vice versa, for all of them.

And the room – full of older people, who are most at risk of serious illness should they be infected.

These three people – Paxton, Frazier, and Knapp – are all elected officials, charged with the health and safety of their constituents in Collin County. They are participating in a panel discussion on law and order of some sort, “The Thin Blue Line.” Yet all of these individuals are flouting orders from the Governor and from the County Judge that are intended to protect the residents of Texas and Collin County.

They are all dipshits, but since Angela Paxton is the senior elected official, we’ll hold her most accountable, and give her the dubious distinction of being Collin County’s Dipshit of the Week.

Jeff Quiggle

Vice President of Plano Area Democrats Club

Aside from being the Vice President of Plano Area Democratic Club, Jeff is also Collin County Democratic Precinct Chair, and a member of Texas Democratic Veterans. He lives in Plano.

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