It’s Time to Vote – Texas State Senate District 30 (SD30)

It’s Time to Vote – Texas State Senate District 30 (SD30)

Yesterday was the first day of early voting for the SD30 Special Election!

Please vote for Jacob Minter, the only Democrat on the ballot for the SD30 special elections. Each county will have a different order on the ballot, but he is the only candidate with a (D) next to their name.

Early Voting runs from Sept. 14th-Sept. 25th with Election Day on Sept. 29th. For specific hours, voting locations, and a sample ballot, here are the links to each county’s information.

If you are unsure if you live in this district, you can check the map below or look up your district HERE.

With five Republicans splitting the vote, and one Democrat, we have a real shot at winning this, but we need every single Democrat in this district to vote!

Too much is at stake to sit this one out.

2020 elections are the most important elections of a life time. Not just the presidential elections, but here in Texas with the state elections, as well.

If we turn Texas blue, our state can have quality public education, affordable healthcare, a cleaner and less polluted environment, and we can get these corrupt GOP officials out, once and for all.

Too much is on the line.

Jacob Minter is running against terrible Republican opponents.

Aside from criminal snowflake barbie, Shelly Luther, also running for this seat is Craig Carter from Nocona. While, Craig seems nice enough, he forgot to put his friends setting on his personal Facebook on private and has ties with open racists, local militia members, and criminals.

Jacob Minter

Drew Springer is also running, his values of dictating what women should do with their bodies, putting guns in the hands of criminals, and implementing policies that disproportionately hurt minority communities; are not an accurate representation of Texas.

Go and early vote! Do it now! Go!

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